Here are the patch notes for today's patch. Perhaps the most notable change is if you give an item to your pet that it cannot use it is returned to you rather than being lost. Actual patch notes follow:

I have added and updated all the Alternate Abilities for The Darkened Sea expansion. There is still some information which needs to be added as I figure out the levels and costs of these new abilities. I plan to work on the new spells next.

Most notable change in this patch for magicians is an increase in hit points for our servants. Full patch notes follow:


The next expanion to EverQuest will be called The Darkened Sea and will include 8 new zones, a level increase to 105, and new spells, AA and items. There will also be a new "Mount Key Ring" (poor name in my opinion) which will be able to store up to 128 mounts, freeing up bag space. The developers promised at EQ Live that all zones will be available at launch. I believe they said there will be 3 group tiers and 2 (?) raid tiers.

A lot of changes to pets in this patch (see Spells section). The intent was aparently to make us take a more active role in keeping our pets alive at least on the tougher encounters (high end named or multiple high-level mobs). While the changes have undergone multiple iterations on the Test server and been tested there, we probably won't have a true appreciation of the total effects and side-effects until it has been live for a while. A nice positive improvement to air pets raises their stun cap to pet level +3 (was 100 max before).

Pet Nerfs Coming

The developers are planing to make some significant changes to our pets. You may want to read this post on the forums.

I have added the tier 2 and the rest of the tier 1 visible armor pieces for the Call of the Forsaken expansion. I have also added the new Enhanced Minion XX pet focus item. There has also been a lot of missing information filled in for Alternate Abilities.

Argin-Hiz has been released, and the patch notes follow. There doesn't seem to be any magician-specific changes. However, they have increased the number of saved spell sets to 30, which may be useful to some.


I added the new alternate abilities Veteran's Enhancement, Hastened Wind of Malosinete, Reaching Burnout, and Velocity. Also added some levels to a couple of others. I am still checking to see if there are any other changes I have missed.

Added new spells

I added the 3 new magician spells: Call of the Heroes, Mirror, and Summon Cauldron of Endless Bounty which you can buy from Saera Millican in Ethemere Tainted West Karana. I still need to add the items from the cauldron and a couple of other details.

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