Coldain Prayer Shawl Quests

With the release of Velious there is a series of 8 quests from the Coldain Dwarves. Each quest rewards a new shawl that get better as you each quest. The 7th shawl has mana regen 1, and the 8th and final shawl is mana regen 3. While the shawls may seem pointless on the regular servers, on the progression servers (or Project 1999 when they add Velious) these shawls are very nice items.

Quests 3-8 involve a lot of tradeskills, and since most of the things being made are NO TRADE you will have to make them yourself. Here is a table of tradeskill with trivial levels for completing the whole series of quests. While you may be able to craft the items with skills less than the trivials, your chances of failures is higher and will mean having to farm many items repeatedly. Even having your skills at all the trivial levels is no guarantee of success. The higher the skill the better your chance of success, so you want to consider getting your skills above the trivial levels. Also most tradeskills are based on the higher of your Intelligence or Wisdom (Smithing is Strength), and the higher they are the better your chance of success.

Tradeskill Trivials By Quest
Tradeskill 3 4 5 6 7 8
Baking 122 - - - - -
Brewing - - - - 168 -
Fishing - - - - ? -
Fletching - - - - 168 -
Jewelry - - - - 162 177?
Pottery 115* 122 - - - -
Smithing 50* - - - - 184?
Tailoring - - 115 208 162 176

* These skills are optional for this quest if you get a Pot and Pie Tin from another player.

The following table lists the items that drop off creatures in Velious and the minimum number of each (assuming no failures in the combines). You may wish to keep this list handy as you adventure in Velious and save those you find if you plan to do the quests later. Pay particular attention to those marked Edible as these are food and thus could be consumed when your character needs to eat. You should make sure you have other food in an earlier inventory/container slot so the other food is consumed first. It may also be a good idea to store these items in the bank to make sure you don't accidentally end up eating them.

Dropped Items For Coldain Prayer Shawl Quests (1 to 7)
Dropped Item Drops From:
 3 Crystalline Silk spiders (Crystal Caverns, Velketor's Labyrinth)
75 Crystalline Silk Thread (NO TRADE) spiders (Velketor's Labyrinth)
 2 Drakkel Wolf Whisker (NO TRADE) Drakkel wolves (Great Divide)
 2 Frost Bunny Meat snow bunnies (Eastern Wastes)
 4 Frost Giant Toes Kromrif giants
 5 Glowing Worm Bile (NO TRADE) shardwurms (Great Divide)
 3 Iceclad Cutlassfish (Edible) from fishing (Iceclad Ocean)
10 Kromrif Head Kromrif giants
 2 Manticore Mane manticores (Eastern Wastes)
 1 Molkor Hide molkors (Siren's Grotto)
 1 Royal Kromrif blood Klaggan Iceshard, Vorken Iceshard (Kael Drakkel in Manor area)
 1 Runed Sea Shell sirens (Siren's Grotto)
 2 Siren Hair (NO TRADE) sirens (Cobalt Scar, Siren's Grotto)
 2 Small Brick of Velium Ry`Gorr Miners (Crystal Caverns), spiders (Velketor's Labyrinth)
 6 Small Piece of Velium Ry`Gorr Miners (Crystal Caverns), spiders (Velketor's Labyrinth)
 4 Snow Griffin Egg (NO TRADE) snow griffons (Eastern Wastes)
 1 Swordfish tooth (NO TRADE) swordfish (Siren's Grotto)
 1 Tundra Kodiak Meat tundra kodiaks (Eastern Wastes)
 2 Ulthork Meat (Edible) ulthorks (Eastern Wastes, Siren's Grotto)
 1 Ulthork Tusks ulthorks (Eastern Wastes, Siren's Grotto)
 1 Woven Frost Giant Beard frost giants (Eastern Wastes, Iceclad Ocean, Kael Drakkel)

The above table does not yet have the drops needed for the 8th quest!