Pet Offensive

These alternate abilities increase the offensive capability of your pet.

Companion's Wrath

Increased pet melee critical hits. *

This passive ability increases the base-damage critical hit multiplier for your summoned companion's critical melee attacks by _ %.


Virulent Talon

A poison-based damage buff for your pet.

This ability, when activated, applies a buff to your pet which procs a poison-based attack upon successful melee attacks. This effect is limited to 30 attacks. Additional ranks strengthen the poison attack. Rank 3 increases the proc limit to 40 attacks.

Reduces the casting time of Frenzied Burnout. *

This passive ability reduces the cast time of your Frenzied Burnout abilities by 10 percent per rank.

Reduced reuse time for Virulent Talon.

This passive ability reduces the time requires between uses of Virulent Talon by 1 minute per rank.

Reduced reuse time for Frenzied Burnout.

This ability reduces the reuse timer of your Frenzied Burnout by 1 minute per rank.

Provides a pet damage proc. *

This ability, when activated, will provide your pet with a proc that has an excellent chance of damaging your pet's foe.

Frenzied Burnout

A powerful, short duration pet damage buff. *

This ability allows you to cast a buff on your pet that will cause it to go berserk, doing increased damage.

Increased duration of Frenzied Burnout.

This ability increases the duration of your Frenzied Burnouts by 12 seconds per rank.

Reduced reuse time for Fortify Companion.

This passive ability will decrease the amount of time you must wait between uses of your Fortify Companion. Ranks 1, 2, and 3 reduce the reuse time by two minutes per rank. Ranks 4, 5, and 6 further reduce this time by 3 minutes per rank.

Companion's Fury

Frenzied Burnout pet ability. *

This ability, when activated, imbues your pet with Frenzied Burnout.

Frenzied Burnout increases your pet's melee damage, melee speed, melee accuracy, attack power, chance to perform a flurry of attacks, chance to perform a rampage attack, and armor class for 36 seconds.

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