Pet Utility

These alternate abilities are utility abilities for your pet.


Increases pet movement speed.

This AA grants you an alternate version of your Velocity spell.

Increases the distance for Frenzied Burnout.

This passive AA increases the distance at which Frenzied Burnout will be effective by 20% per rank.

Replenish Companion

Heals your pet (improved version of Mend Companion). *

This ability grants you an enhanced version of the Mend Companion ability. Each additional rank increases the healing power of the ability further.

Reduces the casting time of Suspend Minion

This ability reduces the cast time of your Suspended Minion ability by 15%, 30% and 50%.

Hastened Mending

Reduced reuse time for Mend Companion.

This ability decreases the amount of time required between uses of Mend Companion by ten percent per rank. You may train in this ability once each level, upon reaching level 63.

Reduced reuse time for Companion's Relocation.

This ability reduces the time required between uses of Companion's Relocation by 1 second per rank.

Diminutive Companion

Shrinks your pet.

This ability, when activated, shrinks your companion to a more manageable size.

Companion's Relocation

Move pet a short distance.

This ability moves your companion forward in the direction you are facing.

Suspended Minion

Suspend pet.

This ability grants the summoner the ability to suspend and recall their existing pet at will, provided they remain in their current zone. The first rank suspends the pet at its current health only, while the second rank suspends the pet with all of its beneficial effects as well as its weapons and armor. You may cast a second pet while your first pet is Suspended. You may train the first rank upon reaching level 62 and the second rank upon reaching level 64.

Persistent Minion

Allows pet to remain suspended when camped.

This ability upgrades your Suspended Minion ability to allow pets to remain suspended across zone lines. Also, if you camp with a suspended pet and have this ability, the pet will be available to you when you return.

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