These alternate abilities are various utility abilities.

Persistent Illusions

Beneficial illusions persist when zoning.

This passive ability allows your beneficial illusion spells to persist when zoning.

Innate Eminence

Increased base statistics. *

This passive ability increases your 7 base statistics by 2 points per rank.


Enhanced Reformation

Increased maximum endurance regeneration. *

This passive ability raises the maximum that your endurance regeneration can be increased with items by 1 point per rank.

Since magicians don't really care about endurance this ability isn't useful.

Harmonic Dissonance

Port to Theatre of Blood. *

Your knowledge of the innate frequency of the Theatre of Blood allows you to transport yourself directly to that altered plane.

Hero's Resolution

Increased maximum hitpoints, mana and endurance; increased maximum hitpoints and mana regeneration. *

Increases your base staistics and the maximum that your bas statistics can be increased  by items and spells by 5 points per rank. Additionally this ability increases your natural hitpoint, mana and endurance regeneration and the maximum that your hitpoint and mana regeneration can be increased by items by 2 points per rank.

You will gain ranks of this ability as you complete various "Savior" achievements in The Darkened Sea and later expansions.

Eradicate Magic

Purge up to 4 effects (NPCs only)

This ability, when activated, attempts to purge up to 4 magical effects from your target. NOTE: This only works on NPCs.


Quickened Call Hither

Reduced cast time for Call Hither.

This passive ability reduces the cast time of Call Hither by 1 second per rank.

Negation of Subtlety

Negates Spell Casting Subtlety (increased hatred generation).

This activated ability negates the effect of Spell Casting Subtlety.

Since Spell Casting Subtlety reduces the amount of hatred your spells generate, this can be used to negate that effect, effectively increasing the amount of hatred generated while the ability is active.

Hero's Barracks

Additional mercenary slots. *

This passive ability grants you the ability to conscript one additional mercenary per rank.

This ability adds additional mercenary slots. It is the reward for the Achievement: Master of Alaris.

Journeyman's Speed

Increases run speed.

This ability will further increase your base run speed. This modification does NOT stack with movement rate spell effects.

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