The Archetype group of Alternate Abilities.

Quicker Damage

Reduced cast time of direct damage spells. *

This passive ability reduces the casting time of your direct damage spells that have a casting time of less than three seconds by 2, 5, 10, 15, and 20%.

Reduced cast time of Fortify Companion *

This passive ability reduced the casting time of your Fortify Companion Ability by 10% per rank.

Companion's Wrath

Increased pet melee critical hits. *

This passive ability increases the base-damage critical hit multiplier for your summoned companion's critical melee attacks by _ %.


Negation of Subtlety

Negates Spell Casting Subtlety (increased hatred generation).

This activated ability negates the effect of Spell Casting Subtlety.

Since Spell Casting Subtlety reduces the amount of hatred your spells generate, this can be used to negate that effect, effectively increasing the amount of hatred generated while the ability is active.

Quick Damage

Reduces the casting time for damage spells.

This ability reduces the casting time on your damage spells that have a casting time greater than three seconds by 2, 5, 10, 15, and 20 percent.

Arcane Whisper

Reduces hate on a single target. *

Arcane Whisper reduces hate on a single target slightly over time. Additional ranks further reduce hate on your target.

Suspended Minion

Suspend pet.

This ability grants the summoner the ability to suspend and recall their existing pet at will, provided they remain in their current zone. The first rank suspends the pet at its current health only, while the second rank suspends the pet with all of its beneficial effects as well as its weapons and armor. You may cast a second pet while your first pet is Suspended. You may train the first rank upon reaching level 62 and the second rank upon reaching level 64.

Summon Companion

Summon pet with chance to fade.

This ability grants you a faster casting version of your Summon Companion spell. Starting with rank 2, each rank has an increasing chance to cause your pet to fade when summoned.

Staff Block

Chance of blocking an attack when using a staff.

This passive ability gives you a chance to block incoming melee attacks when wielding a 2hb weapon. Each rank increases the block chance by a small amount.

Spell Casting Subtlety

Reduced hate when casting spells. ***

The first three ranks of this ability make NPCs notice your magical activities 5, 10, and 20 percent less. Additional ranks further enhance this effect.

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