The General group of Alternate Abilities.


Increased chance of performing a twinproc. *

This passive ability increases your chance to perform a twinproc each time your trigger a detrimental weapon based spell.

Ranks 1-6 by 3% per rank.

Rank 7 by an additional 1%.


Persistent Illusions

Beneficial illusions persist when zoning.

This passive ability allows your beneficial illusion spells to persist when zoning.

Innate Eminence

Increased base statistics. *

This passive ability increases your 7 base statistics by 2 points per rank.


Fishing Mastery

Improved fishing skill. *

This passive ability improves your Fishing skill.

Ranks 1-3 reduce the chance of failing Fishing combinations by 10, 25, and 50%.

Ranks 4-13 allow you to increase your skill past its Specialization level by 5 points per rank by learning new recipes.

Enhanced Reformation

Increased maximum endurance regeneration. *

This passive ability raises the maximum that your endurance regeneration can be increased with items by 1 point per rank.

Since magicians don't really care about endurance this ability isn't useful.

Veteran's Enhancement

Grants "leadership" abilities.

This ability replaces those originally gained from Leadership AA abilities granting increased health, mana, health regeneration and attack power.

Delay Death

Increased amount of damage you can take before dying after falling unconscious. *

This passive ability increases the amount of damage you can take before dying after falling unconscious at 0 health.

Ranks 1-30 by 50 hit points per rank.

Ranks 31-35 and 41-50 by 100 points per rank.

Ranks 36-40 by 1000 points per rank.



This ability gives you an alternate version of the Identify spell.

Divine Companion Aura

Temporary pet invulnerability. *

The gods empower you to render your pet invulnerable and offer _ points of healing every 6 seconds for 18 seconds.


Chance to recover component on failed tradeskill combine.

This ability gives you the chance to automatically recover an item that would otherwise be lost on a failed tradeskill combine.

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