How do Trophies work?

There are a number of trophies that you can earn from various quests and tradeskills that can be placed in your house and used for a variety of tribute benefits. For example, Trophy of the Waste has a +5 worn mana regen and 40 spell damage increase when it it active.

Simply place a trophy in your house then open the Real Estate window (Shift-I), click the Trophies icon and all your placed trophies will be listed. Select the trophy and click the upgrade button to raise it to at least tier 1.

When you want to use the benefit from your trophy open the Tribute Benefits window (Alt-U), click the Trophy tab and activate it. Just as any active tribute benefit it will consume tribute points as long as it is active. Don't forget to deactivate tribute benefits when you are not using them or will be inactive for a while.