What is the best race for a magician?

Only certain races are able to become magicians: Dark Elf, Drakin, Erudite, Gnome, High Elf, Human, and Iksar. Some of these races (Dark Elf, Erudite, Gnome and High Elf) have higher natural intelligence than the other races which gives them a slight advantage at younger levels. On the regular (official) servers, with the availability of so much equipment with intelligence-boosting statistics, and the fact that a high-level magician will likely reach maximum permissible intelligence, racial intelligence isn't really relevant anymore. As far as intelligence is concerned you may as well play whatever race you like. [On progression servers or emulated servers such as Project 1999, starting intelligence is much more relevant.]

Base Statistics
Dark Elf 60 75 90 75 109 83 70
Erudite 60 80 70 70 117 83 70
Gnome 60 80 85 85 108 67 60
High Elf 55 75 85 70 102 95 80
Human 75 85 75 75 85 75 75

At character creation you also have 30 bonus points to assign to your starting statistics. You can assign a maximum of 25 to one statistic, and most magicians put 25 points into intelligence and the other 5 into stamina. This will give an Erudite an intelligence of 142 and a Human 110.

A big effect race will have is in determining how well received you will be by other races. The "evil" races such as dark elves, and evil erudites and humans will have a hard time earning the trust of the "good" races, and vice versa. With a lot of effort some of this, but not all, can be overcome by increasing faction with the other races.

You might want to consider these other racial chracteristics:

  • Humans and Erudites lack night-vision and require a light source, spell or effect to see in dark. This is rarely of concern at higher levels.
  • Iksar have slightly better HP regeneration and racial foraging ability. The regeneration is not significant at higher levels, magicians can summon food and drink and learn the Foraging Alternate Ability.
  • Gnomes are the only race that can learn the Tinkering tradeskill.
  • Drakin have a fire-breath ability that can sometimes be useful for some extra-damage.