What classes can I hire as a mercenary?

Currently, there are 4 types of mercenaries available. Not all classes are available to some races or special types of mercenaries.

Tank - essentially a warrior class that is designed to withstand a great deal of damage while doing a fair bit of damage back in return. These mercenaries are very powerful up to level 50 or 60, and are a great choice for any class of adventurer to help you level quickly.

Healer - essentially a cleric class that is designed to buff and heal the party and keep everyone alive. Can also resurrect fallen party members after a battle is over. Healers are a great choice for a magician, as their buffs and healing ability will make your pet much more powerful.

Melee DPS - designed to do more damage than the tank, but also not as able to withstand damage as a tank. If your party already has a tank and healer (player or mercenary) then adding a DPS mercenary should make battles go quicker.

Caster DPS - does a lot of damage but won't take a lot.