What is a Fellowship?

Randall of the Fellows says "A fellowship is simply a gathering of friends who enjoy each others' company. A fellowship campsite is a method of gathering your friends together, enabling you to prepare for your upcoming battles in a hasty manner. Some campsites will provide additional benefits to the members of your fellowship who are near the campsite, oftentimes granting them wonderful effects!"

A Fellowship is like a mini-guild for those who play together regularly. Fellowships have a maximum of nine players. All members get a token, access to a Fellowship-only channel, and the ability to create a campfire when at least three "Fellows" are in the same area. Fellows use their tokens to transport directly to the campfire allowing them to catch up with the other fellows quickly. Campfires can be upgraded to provide effects to nearby Fellows. These upgrades are expendable and need to be repurchased. A Fellowship can only have one campfire active at a time. You can only belong to one Fellowship.

Belonging to a Fellowship is completely seperate from belonging to a guild. The members of a fellowship do not have to belong to the same guild, or any guild for that matter.