Where can I find maps?

A few areas already have maps (which you can view using the "m" key by default). Most areas do not come with maps, and the best place to find complete maps is at eqresource.com and for some of the older maps, mapfiend.net as well. Download a zip file of maps and "unzip" them to the "maps" directory in your Everquest folder. Anytime you add or change these files you will need to restart Everquest (or at least reload the user interface with the /reloadui command or from the options menu).

You can also edit the maps by clicking the little map edit symbol in the lower right area of the map window. This can be handy for making your own notes or to map new areas that don't have a map. Don't forget to save your map if you don't want to lose your changes. Also if you replace map files you will overwrite your own changes, so be mindful of what layer you are changing and be careful not to overwrite files you need to keep.

You will sometimes see quest descriptions (here and other sites) have a list of points you can add to an appropriate map file. Don't forget to restart the game or reloadui to see the changes.