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I apologize for not spending a lot of time on the site but I've been busy playing my magician on Cazic Thule (welcome to all those who just joined us from Fennin Ro or transferred from other servers). I haven't tried out the new mercenaries yet (and will update the faq when I get the chance). As a high-level magician I think there really is only one choice of mercenary that makes sense when soloing - the healer mercenary. Below level 50 or 60 a tank mercenary probably is a good choice for fast leveling. If you mostly group then you might want to choose a DPS mercenary.

The Rage of the Mercenaries Game Update brings DPS mercenaries and 13 new Hot Zones! EQ Players has a sneak peek at what's coming on June 9th!

Basically there will be two new mercenary types: a melee damage (DPS) and a caster damage (DPS) type.

The new Hot Zones will be:

Server Merges

Starting on June 22, 2010 some of the EverQuest servers are being merged. Some details have been posted by SOE. If you have characters on any of the affected servers you should have received an email from SOE telling you of the upcoming merger. If not, you might want to check your Station account to verify that your e-mail address is correct.

Greetings EverQuest Adventurer!

I should now have entries for all spells, though some of the high level ones don't have any description or details yet. I'll be working on filling that in as soon as I can.

5/12/2010 - Today's patch had at least one item of note for magicians:

"The spell Quiver of Marr now summons full stacks of arrows."

Added a FAQ on Fellowships and the level 59 spells.

Should have all the spells from 1 to 58 complete and the level 85 spells are complete too. I've added a bunch of quests, in particular the quests for spells.

I just completed the Epic 1.5 for my mage Romen on Cazic Thule so I am prety confident the quest writeup is accurate. the 1.0 and the 1.5 pre-quest have writeups too.

I started on a list of hide/scrolls/parchments and what mage spells they make.

more spells and quests

Now have spells through level 50 (and a few scattered higher level ones). Have added some more quests, including Epic 1.0 and the alternate pre-quest for Epic 1.5. I know I have a couple of new mages using the website already and I hope it is proving useful to them.

More spells added

Now have spells up to level 40. You can now look at Spells by Type too. Added a couple of quests (Clay Bracelet and the first pet focus quests from Temple of Solusek Ro).

Website in progress

Well I am starting to make some progress. Spells levels 1 to 17 are entered. Spell descriptions include lists of merchants and some recipes for those spells that need to be researched.

There is a FAQ for mercenaries and another for pets. I plan to add more FAQs as I go along. Hopefully this will be a big help for new magicians.

Some of the styling and formats may change still.

I will add a way for you to comment and contact me soon. I welcome corrections and suggestions.

Coming Soon!

Well I am back at trying to set up a new website for EQ magicians. Please be patient while I work on the site. Thank you.

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