more spells and quests

Now have spells through level 50 (and a few scattered higher level ones). Have added some more quests, including Epic 1.0 and the alternate pre-quest for Epic 1.5. I know I have a couple of new mages using the website already and I hope it is proving useful to them.

More spells added

Now have spells up to level 40. You can now look at Spells by Type too. Added a couple of quests (Clay Bracelet and the first pet focus quests from Temple of Solusek Ro).

Website in progress

Well I am starting to make some progress. Spells levels 1 to 17 are entered. Spell descriptions include lists of merchants and some recipes for those spells that need to be researched.

There is a FAQ for mercenaries and another for pets. I plan to add more FAQs as I go along. Hopefully this will be a big help for new magicians.

Some of the styling and formats may change still.

I will add a way for you to comment and contact me soon. I welcome corrections and suggestions.

Coming Soon!

Well I am back at trying to set up a new website for EQ magicians. Please be patient while I work on the site. Thank you.

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