Sorry for the delay on posting patch notes and site updates. I had eye surgery and was having trouble seeing clearly for a while. Here are the notes for the patches for September. (I am already working on updating the website for the changes, which are quite extensive.)

Some changes in this patch for the Frenzied Burnout AA, some changes to the focus effects on robes, and a new AA, Companion's Calm Demeanor, to reduce pet hate generated. Full patch notes follow:

Sorry for slacking on patch notes-here they are for July. Note the spell changes that were made.

July 22, 2015

*** Highlights ***

Here are today's patch notes. Nothing terribly significant as far as magicians are concerned. The potions to rename your pet (Potion of Companion's Amnesia) are now available on the marketplace on the progression servers now. Thre were some fixes for instancing and advanced looting that were causing problems. The Noble Exchange merchants are now also parcel merchants.

The 5th-13th Anniversary events have been extended to run until July 15th, and the Crushbone and  Permafrost Hardcore Heritage events have been extended to July 1st. Full patch notes follow:

I have updated a lot of the information on vendors, particularly for the level 1 to 30 42 spells. The spell descriptions for all of these spells should now have complete vendor lists, but might not be 100% accurate. If you find any errors please report them via the Contact menu on top. Additional spells will be updated as time permits.

Also, I have been adding and updating a lot of progression information as I go along. Once again if you find any errors or ommissions please report them. Thank you.

- Romen

You can report errors, omissions, and general feedback using the Contact button on the top. If you find something wrong on this site (even typos, so they can be fixed) please let me know.

I have added a description for the first 7 (of 8) Coldain Prayer Shawl Quests. The 8th will get done eventually (but I haven't done it personally). It includes tables for the maximum trivial levels for each of the tradeskills involved as well as a table of all the drops needed to do the quests.

A lot of information has also been added that relate to the progression servers and Project 1999 servers in the Classic EQ section.

There is now a Search feature for the website, but there can be a delay from the time stuff is added until the search indexes are updated.

Menu Issue Fixed

The dynamic menu code this site was using wasn't working with some browsers, in particular Chrome and Internet Explorer, so it has been changed. It will look slightly different than before, but should provide the same functionality that was originally intended.

For the dynamic menus to work properly you must have javascript enabled for this website. If javascript is not enabled, then instead of the menus opening and closing without having to refresh the page, you should still see the menu expanded (but the whole page will be redrawn).

No magician-specific changes made in today's patch. Mostly some fixes for the progression server.

Thought you might enjoy this short video Daybreak Game Company released for the new progression server.

The EverQuest Ragefire progression server is now available! This progression server is a place for EverQuest veterans to relive fond memories and an opportunity for new players to play the game that defined the MMO genre. Special servers like this are a perk available to Daybreak All Access members.

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