Just announced yesterday by Daybreak Game Company (which should help those who have been having trouble logging in to the new server):

The new EQ Queue System is now live!

After logging in, clicking Play, and reaching the Server Select screen, players will be notified if their selected server is full and that they have been added to the queue.

Well after a bit of a rocky start it seems the new progression server, Ragefire, is finally up and running. Some unfortunate bugs caused Daybreak Game Company to have to wipe and restart, but it is finally available (and let us hope here for many years to come).

You can find me there as Romen, a magician, of course.

Yesterday's patch doesn't have any magician specific changes, but a number of bugs were fixed. Full patch notes follow:

THe Hardcore Heritage version of some classic dungeons is currently running on the Live servers until July 22, 2015. These "revamped" versions of the dungeons are designed to be enjoyed by high level players, and have some very nice unique items that are only found during this time. You can find more information at this post on the Everquest forums.

According to Daybreak Games the new progression server is scheduled to open today at 3 PM Pacific Time. While it can't be everyone's idea of the perfect server, they have certainly done a lot of work to get feedback from the player community and produce something that hopefully satisfies enough people. EQmagicians applauds Daybreak Games for their efforts.

Posted by Daybreak on May 7, 2015 was information on the new progression server and the beta which will start soon. The post from the Daybreak forums follows.

Today's patch has one notable change for magicians - the Staff of Elemental Mastery: Water (or an item that can be right-clicked to get something for the quest turn-in) will now apparently drop from a harbinger of the seas, making it somewhat easier to to do this step of the Magician Epic 1.0.

Full patch notes follow:

A new FAQ and additional information on the new progression server has been posted (click here to read). Definately worth reading if you are interested in the new server.

List of Augments Added

I have added a list of augments under Gear. It has what I believe are all the special type 3 augments available for our level 75 to 105 spells. I may add some other special augments, but don't intend to try and make a general list of all augments.

There is now a page for The Darkened Sea armor sets under the Gear menu. It lists all the magician armor pieces.

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