A lot of changes to Alternate Abilities (including Leadership Abilities). There have been some magician-specific changes, most notably the limit of 12 targets on beam spells. Full patch notes follow:

Here is a link to a FAQ on the new all-access plan.

Well due to feedback SOE is changing it's stand on the monthly SC idea for gold members. Now they are thinking about sticking with the 500 SC a month, but will require you to claim it each month or lose it. The price of All Access will be reduced to the same as a single game (wonder if they plan to do something for those of us who bought annual All Access plans at the higher price?). The following is from John Smedley, SOE:

Just so no one misses this, if you are a gold member SOE just announced an important change to the gold membership: instead of getting 500 free SC each month, you can pick one free item worth up to 2000 SC, but you must choose before the next month or you lose it. [EDIT: This is apparently going to stay at 500 SC/month, which you will have to claim each month or lose it.]

From the December Producer's Letter:

Added some more details to the 91+ summoning spells (armor, weapons, focus, etc.). There should now be links for all the items these spells summon.

There is nothing earth-shattering in today's patch. Frostfell has started and will continue to Jan 8. The quests for getting Journeyman mercenaries have been made easier. You can now scribe a spell scroll from inventory by right clicking it (vs. dragging to spellbook). For non-gold members you can purchase increases to maximum AAs in marketplace that should be enough to let anyone get all of them if they chose to spend enough SC.

(patch notes follow)

There is now a page for House of Thule armor. There are a couple of pieces of tier 1 and 2 raid armor that do not yet have links to Allakhazam since they aren't in their database yet. If I can track them down I will get them added to Allakhazam and add the links here.

Pet Command list added

There is now a list of pet commands under the Pets menu that lists all the known pet commands. These are useful for macros. I also added a little information to the Pets and Mercenaries FAQs.

There was a patch today. The only magician-specific change is:

  • Magician - Monster Summoning VI and Summon Elemental Ore can now be scribed and cast by Free or Silver members.

(patch notes follow)

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