Added more gear

I have added Veil of Alaris gear and also the higher tier Rain of Fear gear.

I added information on the Call of the Forsaken armor. Currently there is only some of the Tier 1 armor available, with more expected when the second half of CotF is released. I also added Tier 3 and 4 Rain of Fear armor.

Hot Zones are typically older expansion zones which have increased experience gains (they get changed typically once or twice a year, sometimes longer).

I have started a glossary of terms that I will be adding to as I can, to help new players better understand the game.

I have consolidated the spell search features into a single Spell Search that will let you search by spell level and/or spell name. You can click on Level or Name to change the search order. You can still use the Spell Glossary to search for spells by their first letter.

Our first patch for the new expansion. Nothing magician-specific, but a number of bugs fixed, and they fixed the low-DPS issue with the Caster DPS mercenary. (full patch notes follow)

With the new expansion magicians get four new spells, with three ranks each. See Finding Spells for obtaining these new spells. (brief summary follows)

Here are the patch notes for the new Call of the Forsaken expansion. There are a number of new features:

  • Gear and AAs for mercenaries
  • New spells and AAs
  • Heroic Adventures
  • 4 New Zones
  • 2 additional shared bank slots
  • There is a slight "nerf" to the max pet damage of the "Of Many" type spells

I also noticed they removed the buttons for EQPlayers - guess they don't intend to ever fix this. Looks like they fixed the missing mercenary issue though (yay!). [Update: Or maybe not, as I have already had this happen since patch. Grrrrr...]

(Patch notes follow)

In preparation for the new expansion I have added the new and changed AAs for this expansion. (I will update our spells once I have the data.)

There are two new abilities: Identify and Bind Affinity. Aside from avoiding the need to memorize a spell, these do very little for us. The rest are just additional ranks of existing AAs, most of which are useful. (list follows)

The new expansion is coming out soon - note that this is planned to be a very long patch time (14 hours). I am working on getting stuff updated, and have already added some of the data for the alternate ability changes.

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