I have finished adding and describing the General and Class categories of Alternate Abilities (except for some costs and levels I still need to research). I am currently working on filling in the Archetype category, and has also added a few to the Special category. If you find any errors, or have and missing cost and level information please let me know using Contact.

I have been busy adding to the Alternate Abilities and also plan to list them by use as well as their general categories. I'll probably get them done just around the time the new expansion comes out, and with my luck will have to change some of them again. I'd really like to see them consolidate the Arcanum abilities as there are just too many of them right now. If you spot any errors please use the Contact form to report them. Thank you.

I realized today as I was doing some work on the site that I never added the spells that were part of the Shadow of Fear update to Rain of Fear. So I have now added them. I also added a contact form. If you find any errors, have suggestions, complaints, please send them along.

Trophy tip added

I added a short FAQ on how to use trophies for tribute benefits at How Do Trophies Work?

I also added some more Enhanced Minion XIII items.

Pet Focus Updates

I made some updates to the higher level pet focus lists to add some missing items.

I updated the pet weapons and armor sections to add the higher level stuff which was missing.

Nothing earth-shattering in this patch as far as magicians go, but there are a couple of things which are helpful. One new command line to let you use a clickable item in inventory in a social/hotkey. I tend to use a lot of "clickies" to self-buff myself, and now I can set them up a hotkey (well 2 hotkeys because of the number of clickies I have).

/useitem <slot> [subindex]

This will activate the item in an inventory slot number.  If that item is a container, then it will also allow for specifying which slot in that container to use.

So /useitem 1 would activate the item in your first inventory slot, while /useitem 4 2 would activate the second item in the container in your fourth inventory slot.

Full patch notes follow:

Patch 4/17/13

The second part of Rain of Fear (Shadow of Fear) is now live. The most significant changes are to our pets:

Added information on the Rain of Fear armor sets and also some information on the new Banestrike Alternate Ability.

It's anniversary time again, and there are new events. Some things of special interest to magicians:

  • Less restrictions on Free and Silver accounts.
  • Updated versions of the Veteran rewards: Bristlebane's Jester, Steadfast Servant and Staunch Recovery.
  • "a new adventure related to your existing epic" (don't have any details at this time).
  • Theft of Essence should now work on bane spells above level 83.
  • The following non-combat zones have been changed so that buff timers are suspended and fall damage is negated: Nexus, Shadowrest, all neighborhoods and housing interiors, The Bazaar, The Plane of Knowledge, The Plane of Tranquility, and the Wedding Chapel. (Maybe this will relieve some of the congestion in the Guild Lobby, and also means you can work on tradeskills in the Plane of Knowledge without losing your buffs.)

Full patch notes follow...

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