With the new expansion magicians get four new spells, with three ranks each. See Finding Spells for obtaining these new spells. (brief summary follows)

Here are the patch notes for the new Call of the Forsaken expansion. There are a number of new features:

  • Gear and AAs for mercenaries
  • New spells and AAs
  • Heroic Adventures
  • 4 New Zones
  • 2 additional shared bank slots
  • There is a slight "nerf" to the max pet damage of the "Of Many" type spells

I also noticed they removed the buttons for EQPlayers - guess they don't intend to ever fix this. Looks like they fixed the missing mercenary issue though (yay!). [Update: Or maybe not, as I have already had this happen since patch. Grrrrr...]

(Patch notes follow)

In preparation for the new expansion I have added the new and changed AAs for this expansion. (I will update our spells once I have the data.)

There are two new abilities: Identify and Bind Affinity. Aside from avoiding the need to memorize a spell, these do very little for us. The rest are just additional ranks of existing AAs, most of which are useful. (list follows)

The new expansion is coming out soon - note that this is planned to be a very long patch time (14 hours). I am working on getting stuff updated, and have already added some of the data for the alternate ability changes.

I have finished adding and describing the General and Class categories of Alternate Abilities (except for some costs and levels I still need to research). I am currently working on filling in the Archetype category, and has also added a few to the Special category. If you find any errors, or have and missing cost and level information please let me know using Contact.

I have been busy adding to the Alternate Abilities and also plan to list them by use as well as their general categories. I'll probably get them done just around the time the new expansion comes out, and with my luck will have to change some of them again. I'd really like to see them consolidate the Arcanum abilities as there are just too many of them right now. If you spot any errors please use the Contact form to report them. Thank you.

I realized today as I was doing some work on the site that I never added the spells that were part of the Shadow of Fear update to Rain of Fear. So I have now added them. I also added a contact form. If you find any errors, have suggestions, complaints, please send them along.

Trophy tip added

I added a short FAQ on how to use trophies for tribute benefits at How Do Trophies Work?

I also added some more Enhanced Minion XIII items.

Pet Focus Updates

I made some updates to the higher level pet focus lists to add some missing items.

I updated the pet weapons and armor sections to add the higher level stuff which was missing.

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