I have added a write up of the Jonas Dagmire's Skeletal Hand quest, a rather nice augment, though a rather involved series of tasks.

Today I have added a FAQ with a glossary of acronyms that I hope will be useful to new players. I plan to add to this as other terms come to mind.

I also added a list of recommendations for AAs under Skills which again I hope will be useful to players. Because there are a lot of opinions about which AAs to learn first I have written it more as a breakdown of key AAs, and it is not intended to specify a specific order.

I have added an Alternate Ability Command List which lists the activatable ability values to use in macros. I believe this to be the complete list for magicians as of this date (based upon the output of the "/alt list" command and my hopefully accurate extracting of values). (I am actually not sure how the special glyph abilities work so I don't know if they can actually be activated this way.)

I have added a summary of the quests for the Rallosian Battle Figure, a clickable Ogre familiar which increases your maximum mana and hit points by up to 450 for a period of time.

I have added a section for Leadership Abilities under Skills.

I have added an option to search for spells by (partial) name. The old search by first letter is now the spell glossary. I have also added a Finding Spells page to aid in locating your spells. I have started adding information on obtaining Rank II and III Rain of Fear Spells (level 96-100).

I have completed a lot of the spell reorganization and have the new Rain of Fear spells entered (though not fully documented). I am continuing to clean things up. Hope you are enjoying the new expansion if you have it and are high enough level to visit there.

Rain of Fear goes live

The Rain of Fear expansion goes live today. Here are the patch notes...

Updating Spell Info

I am currently in the process of reorganizing the spell data by incorporating Lucy (Allakhazam) spell data with my own comments. This should make it easier to maintain accurate spell data, and also allow me to provide more information than I was previously. While this reorganization is happening, you may see some duplicate spells listed. Please bear with me.

Veteran Rewards

I have added a list of Veteran Rewards under Skills.

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