I have completed a lot of the spell reorganization and have the new Rain of Fear spells entered (though not fully documented). I am continuing to clean things up. Hope you are enjoying the new expansion if you have it and are high enough level to visit there.

Rain of Fear goes live

The Rain of Fear expansion goes live today. Here are the patch notes...

Updating Spell Info

I am currently in the process of reorganizing the spell data by incorporating Lucy (Allakhazam) spell data with my own comments. This should make it easier to maintain accurate spell data, and also allow me to provide more information than I was previously. While this reorganization is happening, you may see some duplicate spells listed. Please bear with me.

Veteran Rewards

I have added a list of Veteran Rewards under Skills.

Updated Pet Weapons

I have redone the Summoned Pet Weapons table to link to the weapon descriptions on Allakhazam.com and added the Grant Manaforged Armaments(93) weapons.

FAQ additions

I added some information to the Frequently Asked Questions section. I added a little more information on mercenaries, and I also added some tips on getting started in the general section. This game can be very daunting to new players, and I like to help others get started and hopefully be less frustrated. For us veterans we should try to help these new people learn to play when we can, as it is these new people that will help keep the world of Norrath alive for many years to come.

Updated Pet Focus

I have updated the pet focus list to include the newer pet focus items.

Sorry For My Absence

I am sorry that I haven't updated the site in such a long time. I have been having health issues and finally had heart surgery about a month ago (aortic valve replacement). I hope to start doing some more work on this site. I do still play EverQuest, and have since early 2000. My main character is Romen on the Cazzic Thule server (originally Brell Serilis before the server merges).

EverQuest Is Back!

The servers are finally back up, although not without some glitches. Many people are/were getting timeout errors. Be patient - Sony should get things fixed soon.

Sony has announced some compensation for the downtime:

It looks like we may have a long wait until we get our games back. Withdrawal has already set in ...

"The company's PlayStation Network and Online Entertainment service have been suspended until security around users' information is improved, which Sony hopes will be by the end of May.

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