Charta Arcana

Charta Arcana are used to create spells level 76 to 80 including many Rank II spells.

Charta Arcana (sing. arcanum) must be cleaned and prepared before they can be inscribed.

Here is a list of the charta arcana that drop off various creatures. To help you decide if the ones you find are useful, there is a list after each one of the magician spells they make.

76 Smudged Rough Charta Arcanum

77 Sooty Charta Arcanum

78 Sooty Fine Charta Arcanum

  • Promised Recovery Rk. II

79 Smudged Runic Charta Arcanum

  • Iceflame Tenement Rk. II

80 Stained Fine Charta Arcanum

  • Prime Symbiosis Rk. II
  • Rancorous Servant Rk. II