Classic EQ

In February 2011, two progression servers allowed players to experience the EQ of old (or at least a reasonable approximation of it). In May 2015, two new progression servers (Ragefire and Lockjaw) were introduced. These servers have minimum time limits before progressing so it doesn't move too fast, with the players voting as well.

Since the progression servers seem to be fairly popular, Daybreak has continued to add progression servers, with the latest one, Agnarr, released in May 2017.

There is also some information to be found here on Project 1999, with servers based on an emulator that tries to recreate the true original EQ. If you are looking for an experience as close as possible to the original you may want to check this out. Be warned though that you may find this a very different difficult and hard to play experience, particularly if you have only played on modern MMOs which tend to be much easier.

Please keep in mind that except for the information specific to the "classic" servers, most of the information on this website is intended for the regular, official EQ servers and much of it won't apply to classic servers.