Classic EQ Maps

In the beginning there were only three known continents: Antonicia, Odus, and Faydwer. Note that Jaggedpine Forest, Stonebrunt Mountains, and The Warrens were as yet undiscovered. The original planes of Fear, Hate and Sky exist, though Hate and Sky require the services of a wizard to travel there.

Many old-timers will remember the great hand-drawn maps done by Muse on, a great website which alas is now extinct. However, there is an eq-atlas mirror of the maps up to Planes of Power being maintained. Some zones have been redone over the years and the newer versions are on the progression server. For most the overall layout is similar so the eq-atlas maps are useful for the original zones and first few expansions. Some things to note:

  • Freeport has been extensively redesigned and the old maps are probably not much use here.
  • East and West Commonlands were merged into a single zone, but the old maps still give a general idea of the layout of the zone.
  • Oasis of Marr and Southern Desert of Ro zones were also merged but again the old maps will give you a general idea of the layout.
  • The Ocean of Tears zone was redone to correct a problem with the ships travelling the wrong direction. A lot has moved around so the old maps may not be of much use.
  • Lavastorm Mountains was redesigned and zone entrances and landmarks moved. The old map is probably not very useful anymore.

The in-game map system still works on the progression servers (even though it was part of the Legacy of Ykesha expansion). The best source of the older, in-game maps are at the Map Fiend site.

If you play on Project 1999 then you will find the EQ Atlas maps to be extremely useful since the map command does not work there.