Classic Quests

There are some classic quests from the original EverQuest and early expansions that have lost their usefulness on the regular servers that are getting a second life on the progression servers.

Perhaps the most important of these quests are the Temple of Solusek Ro Pet Focus Quests. These are the four pet focus items (one per pet type). While you are gathering the broom, shovel, stein and torch for those be sure to save any Torn Page of Mastery (Air, Earth, Fire and Wind) that you find as they are used for the Magician Epic 1.0: Orb of Mastery. The Epic 1.0 quests were introduced with the Ruins of Kunark expansion, but you can get a head start on them before Kunark.

The Clay Bracelet quest is another Temple of Solusek Ro quest that rewards you with a ring with right-click Eye of Zomm. Other quests of interest there are the Circlet of Mist, Earthen Boots and the Robe of the Elements.