Classic Spells

There are many spells that were not part of original EverQuest and thus not available at the start of the progression server. Below is a list of spells that are not in the original version of the servers. Following that is some information on where to obtain your spells.

Non-Original Spells
Level Spell Name Expansion
2 Summon Brass Choker Luclin
7 Renew Elements Kunark
8 Summon Linen Mantle Luclin
10 Summon Tarnished Bauble Luclin
11 Summon Elemental Defender Luclin
13 Wuggan's Lesser Appraisal LDoN
14 Wuggan's Lesser Discombobulation LDoN
14 Wuggan's Lesser Extrication LDoN
16 Summon Tiny Ring Luclin
17 Summon Phantom Leather Luclin
18 Renew Summoning Kunark
19 Tiny Companion PoP ?
20 Summon Jade Bracelet Luclin
20 Summon Wooden Bracelet Luclin
21 Summon Silver Choker Luclin
23 Wuggan's Appraisal LDoN
24 Wuggan's Discombobulation LDoN
24 Wuggan's Extrication LDoN
25 Summon Phantom Chain Luclin
27 Expedience LDoN
27 Summon Leather Mantle Luclin
30 Monster Summoning I Velious
30 Summon Shiny Bauble Luclin
31 Summon Shard of the Core Velious
33 Wuggan's Greater Appraisal LDoN
34 Wuggan's Greater Discombobulation LDoN
34 Wuggan's Greater Extrication LDoN
34 Refresh Summoning LoY
36 Summon Companion LDoN
37 Summon Twisted Ring Luclin
38 Summon Phantom Plate Luclin
42 Bounce LDoN
42 Summon Opal Bracelet Luclin
43 Elemental Maelstrom Velious
44 Modulating Rod Kunark
44 Primal Remedy LoY
44 Summon Stone Bracelet Luclin
45 Summon Orb (Magician Epic 1.0) Kunark
46 Ward of Calliav LDoN
48 Summon Elemental Blanket Luclin
50 Monster Summoning II Velious
50 Summon Golden Choker Luclin
  no spells 50+ until Kunark  

[To reduce the size of the table above, none of the "Focus ... Essence" spells are listed, which are part of the LoY? expansion.]

Finding spells

  • General spells - a majority of the original spells are purchased from the spell vendors near the guild masters in the starting cities
  • Common (shared) spells - a couple of spells are shared with other casters and are on a comman vendor or may be found on a cleric or druid spell vendor (shielding or summoned-type damage spells)
  • Summoned item spells - most of the original summoned item (weapons and utility) are found in the three Great Libraries located in the cities of Ak'Anon, Erudin, and Nerriak.
  • Pet spells - starting at level 22 Everfount and many of the pet spells are research only (see list below). Those with good faction in Felwithe may be able to buy the level 14 to 21 (Minor Summoning and Lesser Summoning) pet spells from Elesseryl Terussar in Ocean of Tears. A pixie merchant in Lesser Faydark sells the 36 to 39 (Lesser Conjuration) pet spells as well as a couple of other spells.
  • Cornucopia is only available in South Qeynos from Khensol Undesta or Caleah Herblender in the beginning. (Everfount must be researched.)

Researched Spells

In classic there are a number of spells which can only be researched, as there are no vendors which sell them until later expansions. You have a choice of either learning to research them yourself, or the much easier choice of buying them from someone else who can make them. Unless you have the need to make multiple copies of those spells (for alts, friends or guildmates), or just like doing things for yourself, it is probably better to just buy the from another player. The following is a list of those spells (and level of spell):

  • Everfount (22)
  • Summoning: Water (22)
  • Summoning: Fire (23)
  • Greater Summoning: Water (26)
  • Greater Summoning: Earth (29)
  • Minor Conjuration: Fire (32)
  • Minor Conjuration: Air (33)
  • Conjuration: Water (41)
  • Conjuration: Air (43)
  • Conjuration: Earth (44)
  • Greater Conjuration: Fire (47)
  • Greater Conjuration: Air (48)
  • Greater Conjuration: Water (49)