The Darkened Sea Armor

The Darkened Sea expansion introduces 3 new tiers of group armor (Castaway, Tideworn and Highwater) and 1 tier of raid armor (Darkwater). All pieces are made by combining a dropped piece in a class-specific Synthesis Chamber which is bought from the vendor Seersmith Caius (map) in Katta Castrum: Deluge. The Synthesis Chamber costs around 13,000p and is reusable.

The Castaway (Group Tier 1) and Tideworn (Group Tier 2) pieces are combined by themselves in the Synthesis Chamber. The Highwater (Group Tier 3) pieces are combined with either the corresponding Tideworn armor piece or a Combine Armor Matrix which can be purchased from Seersmith Caius for around 15,000p. The Darkwater (Raid) pieces are combined with a Combine Armor Matrix. Note that the Combine Armor Matrix is consumed in the process, so you will need to buy one for each pice you make that requires it.

Only the Castaway armor templates are tradable. The others are not.

Group Tier 1

Combine Piece Resulting Armor
Castaway Armguards Castaway Sleeves of the Conjuror
Castaway Boots Castaway Sandals of the Conjuror
Castaway Bracer Castaway Wristguard of the Conjuror
Castaway Gloves Castaway Gloves of the Conjuror
Castaway Helm Castaway Cap of the Conjuror
Castaway Leggings Castaway Pants of the Conjuror
Castaway Tunic Castaway Robe of the Conjuror

Group Tier 2

Combine Piece Resulting Armor
Tideworn Armguards Tideworn Sleeves of the Conjuror
Tideworn Boots Tideworn Sandals of the Conjuror
Tideworn Bracer Tideworn Wristguard of the Conjuror
Tideworn Gloves Tideworn Gloves of the Conjuror
Tideworn Helm Tideworn Cap of the Conjuror
Tideworn Leggings Tideworn Pants of the Conjuror
Tideworn Tunic Tideworn Robe of the Conjuror

Group Tier 3

Combine Piece Resulting Armor
Highwater Armguards Highwater Sleeves of the Conjuror
Highwater Boots Highwater Sandals of the Conjuror
Highwater Bracer Highwater Wristguard of the Conjuror
Highwater Gloves Highwater Gloves of the Conjuror
Highwater Helm Highwater Cap of the Conjuror
Highwater Leggings Highwater Pants of the Conjuror
Highwater Tunic Highwater Robe of the Conjuror


Combine Piece Resulting Armor
Darkwater Armguards Darkwater Flameweaver Sleeves
Darkwater Boots Darkwater Flameweaver Sandals
Darkwater Bracer Darkwater Flameweaver Wristguard
Darkwater Gloves Darkwater Flameweaver Gloves
Darkwater Helm Darkwater Flameweaver Cap
Darkwater Leggings Darkwater Flameweaver Pants
Darkwater Tunic Darkwater Flameweaver Robe