While it may not play as important a role as it does with the melee classes, gear can still be quite important to the magician. Modern gear doesn't just increase one's armor class; it also increases statistics, resistances, and often has additional effects that can increase spell damage or duration, decrease mana usage or recast time, and many other useful effects.

This section is not intended as a complete list of gear. It does however contain some information on the tiered armor sets from some of the more recent expansions, particularly the ones that are complicated.

Some of the attributes that are important to a magician as the Intelligence and Mana bonuses, Mana Regen, and some of the effects which many items have. Some of the useful effects are those that improve spell damage, reduce casting time, reduce mana use, or increase the duration of spells. Some effects are cast or "clickable" effects that can damage opponents, buff (increase your abilities for a time), or other useful effects. Most clickable items can be used from your inventory (can be in a bag if you are an All-Access member) and are useful long after they are worth wearing.

If you are just starting out, particularly if you have never played, the quests in the Tutorial will get you off to a good start with some equipment. Once you progress to the outside world you will find the the Defiant Silk armor that drops is quite good. There are also a lot of augments you will find that will further enhance your armor. Some of the quest armor is worth getting too, especially if you complete the Hero's Journey achievements. Dungeons and named/bosses will usually have better quality armor drops, plus dungeons typically have a bonus to experience gain.

At the high levels much of the best armor is created from special item drops used in quests. While player-crafted armor is typically not as good as dropped or quested armor, some of the high-level armor quests require using player-crafted items. When you are fighting in the higher level zones it is a good idea to know which of the special item drops would be useful to you.

Ability Description

There are some very useful, clickable items ("clickies") that are usable by magicians. While this is only a small sampling of what is available, it hopefully is useful to point out a few of the really useful ones. A lot of the wearable armor and weapons have useful buffs but are too numerous to list here.

The Darkened Sea Armor

The Darkened Sea expansion introduces 3 new tiers of group armor (Castaway, Tideworn and Highwater) and 1 tier of raid armor (Darkwater). All pieces are made by combining a dropped piece in a class-specific Synthesis Chamber which is bought from the vendor Seersmith Caius (map) in Katta Castrum: Deluge.

Call of the Forsaken Armor

With the Call of the Forsaken expansion there are some new sets of Etheric armor available. For magicians these are the group Etheric Armor of the Conjurer and the raid Etheric Flameweaver Armor.

Rain of Fear Armor

With the Rain of Fear comes several new sets of class-specific armor. There is no progression required to unlock any of these armor sets. There are four tiers each of group and raid armor sets.

Veil of Alaris Armor

With the Veil of Alaris comes several new sets of class-specific armor. There is no progression required to unlock any of these armor sets. There are four tiers each of group and raid armor sets.

Seeds of Destruction Armor

The Seeds of Destruction expansion introduced Forcemeld (group) and Forcestrike (raid) armor for magicians. There are also some standalone dropped pieces of armor such as Archaic Cloth armor. (Other classes have different names for their armor.)


There is a large number of augments out there, and this is not intended to be a list of all of them. There are however a number of special augments which are worth noting, in particular the Type 3 augments which improve specific spells (level 75+).