Hot Zones

Current Hot Zones as of June 19, 2013

Hot Zones are typically older expansion zones which have increased experience gains (they get changed typically once or twice a year, sometimes longer).

Franklin Teek (Plane of Knowledge -- near the Guild Lobby entrance) offers a daily kill task (about 18 hour task reuse timer) for each of the following hot zones. You can however do more than one at a time if you request them before completing another. These award a pretty good amount of regular or alternate ability experience (at level 100 I still get 6 AA each from the level 90 tasks, and 3 from the level 85 task). Not only that, but they will give your mercenary a decent amount of AA experience if they are not suspended when you make the final kill.

Also, Skal Nethus (Plane of Knowledge -- near Franklin Teek) offers a task called "Udumbara, the flower of legend" that involves every hot zone and results in the augmentation Udumbara. In addition, random creatures in each of these zones now has a chance to drop a unique new augment appropriate to the level of the zone. (There are also the unique augments that drop in the older hot zones still.)

  • Level 20: Warslik's Wood
  • Level 30: Frontier Mountains
  • Level 40: Jaggedpine Forest
  • Level 55: The Bloodfields
  • Level 65: Eryslai, the Kingdom of Wind (Plane of Air)
  • Level 85: Old Bloodfields
    • Augment: Dragorn Fang AC: 10 HP: 130 Mana/End: 90 Str: 0+2 Dex: 0+2
  • Level 90: Valley of Lunanyn
    • Augment: Imbued Feather AC: 25 HP: 150 Mana/End: 100 Str: 0+3 Dex: 0+3
  • Level 90 (alternate): The Grounds