Pet Focus

One of the ways a magician can command more powerful pets is by equiping a Pet Focus item while summoning their pet. This enables them to call forth a more powerful elemental with additional hit points, stronger attacks, and with higher levels the pet comes pre-equipped with armor. The focus only applies to the standard air/earth/fire/water elemental pets and not to any of the non-permananent pets. (You do not need to keep the focus equipped after pet has been summoned.)

For pets under level 50 your only option are the quested "Minion of" pet focus items. Given how quick and easy it is these days to level up to 50, you probably won't find it worth doing the quests. However, the Broom of Trilon and Shovel of Ponz are needed if you plan to do the Magician Epic 1.0: Orb of Mastery quest. Again, since you are probably going to quickly level beyond the usefulness of the Epic 1.0, you can still skip these.

For pets between 49 and 58 your only option are the "Servant of" pet focus items. Since you will probably quickly level past this, they may not be worth the effort to get them. For pets between 59 and 75 the Minion of Darkness pet focus is easy to obtain by buying the Elaborate Summoner's Ear Stud from Liason Yureska in Plane of Knowledge (for approximately 4,284p).

For the next group of focus items you can buy various items in the Void from Zebuxoruk for chronobines. It does require you to unlock access to the higher tiers of the void (see the progression information in the Seeds of Destruction Guide). You will get the Enhanced Minion V focus Paragon's Ear Stud of the Summoner by completing the Defending Oceangreen Village achievement.

Cragbeast in the northeast part of Shard's Landing can drop two different items with Enhanced Minion XII, which focus pets from 71 to 100. These are probably the easiest focus items to get for these levels, and are quite good. They are also tradable, so you may be able to buy them from other players.

Alternatively, for pets between 66 and 85, the cauldron from the level 78 spell Summon Cauldron of Many Things has a chance of summoning a Shard of the First Minion which has a single use of Spire Servant. For pets between 71 and 85, the cauldron from the level 83 spell Summon Cauldron of Endless Goods has a chance of summoning a Skull of the Spire Servant which has a single use of Enhanced Minion I. For pets between 81 and 100, the cauldron from the level 99 spell Summon Cauldron of Endless Bounty has a chance of summoning an Imprint of the Enhanced Minion which has a single use of Enhanced Minion XIII.

Note: Some of the higher pet focus items, especially the purchased ones, are PRESTIGE items that are only usable by Gold accounts. Also many items have a higher level required to equip them than the minimum pet level.

As of the (final) Call of the Forsaken expansion the best groupable foci was the Enhanced Minion XV, such as the earrings that drop from the Mass of Spite in Nerriak Fourth Gate, and the Enhanced Minion XVIII Scorched Earth Hoop from Rolfron Zek, Lord of Despair in Plane of War. The best raid focus with this expansion is Enhanced Minion XXI.