Pet Overview

There are other classes in EverQuest which have pets, but the magician is truly a master when it comes to pets. They are able to summon and bind an elemental of air, earth, fire or water to serve them until death (theirs or yours). At high levels these pets become quite formidable, especially when summoned with a powerful pet focus, enhanced by many of the magician's pet-improving Alternate Abilities, and buffed with beneficial spells.

The magician also is able to command a number of short duration specialty pets designed to do large amounts of damage to their foes, or to help protect you from harm. The servant pets in particular can be very handy in keeping a second target occupied and off you and your main pet. This can be an effective form of "crowd control."

Pets can equip weapons, but the delay on a weapon will have no effect on the pet's attacks. Only the damage of the weapon can affect the pet's damage, and only if it is higher than half the pet's natural (base) damage with its "fists." Pets will also ignore the required level for wielding a weapon. If the weapon has a combat effect ("proc") then it must meet the minimum level required for the effect (you will get a message saying a weapon is too powerful for the pet if not).