Pet Weapons

As magicians we are often called upon to provide weapons and armor for others' pets as well. With pet weapons it is important to know the level of the pet to make sure they will actually be able to equip and fully utilize the weapon. Note that it is the level of the pet, not their master, that matters.

The following table lists the weapons we can summon for use as pet weapons (except for some of the lower level weapons these are not usable by player characters). The Minimum Pet Level is the level the pet must be in order to use the effect ("proc") on the weapon. The pet may wield the weapon at a lower level but their master will get a message each time the weapon would have activated the effect. If there is a second level in parenthesis it indicates the minimum level a pet must be to even equip the weapon; if none listed then any level pet may equip.

Some classes such as Shadowknight and Shaman have pets much lower than their masters. If in doubt with a lower level player use the Fist of Ixiblat spell which works on all pets over level 10.

It should be noted that the delay on a weapon will not affect the speed of your pet's attacks, and the damage of the weapon is negligible compared to the damage a pet does normally. The main thing which is of importantance is the "proc" or effect the weapon does. There are procs that will increase or decrease the amount of agro a pet generates, as well as the damage procs with the higher level types of weapons. It may be a good idea to equip a pet with weapons with different procs to increase the chance of more frequent procs.

Starting around level 24 magician pets will dual wield if you equip them with a pair of weapons. Starting around level 36 magicians pets will naturally start dual wielding, even without weapons equipped. (Below level 24 pets will appear to wield two weapons, but don't actually.)

Table of Summoned Pet Weapons

Pet Level
Spell(Spell Level) Weapon(s)
95 (85) random from Cauldron of Countless Bounty (99) Brightedge
91 (70) Grant Thassis' Armaments (103) Thalassic Shortsword
Thalassic Fireblade
Thalassic Iceblade
Thalassic Ragesword
Thalassic Mindblade
90 (70) Grant Frightforged Armaments(98) Frightforged Shortsword
Frightforged Fireblade
Frightforged Iceblade
Frightforged Ragesword
Frightforged Mindblade
85 (65) Grant Manaforged Armaments (93) Manaforged Shortsword
Manaforged Fireblade
Manaforged Iceblade
Manaforged Ragesword
Manaforged Mindblade
80 Grant Spectral Armaments (88) Spectral Shortsword
Spectral Fireblade
Spectral Iceblade
Spectral Ragesword
Jolting Mindblade
75 Summon Ethereal Armaments (83) Tonfa of the North Wind
Blazing Brand
Jagged Ragesword

Though they have the same names as the ones from Summon Prime Armaments these weapons are different.

75 random from Cauldron of Endless Goods (83) Wavethrasher
70 Summon Prime Armaments (78) Tonfa of the North Wind
Blazing Brand
Jagged Ragesword
70 random from Cauldron of Many Things (78) Tideslasher
65 Summon Elemental Armaments (73) Windwoven Dreamcatcher
Searing Torch
Icefall Icicle
Jagged Ragesword
60 Summon: Staff of the North Wind (67) Staff of the North Wind
60 Summon: Dagger of the Deep (67) Dagger of the Deep
60 Summon: Fireblade (66) Fireblade
40 Blade of the Kedge (63) Blade of the Kedge
40 Blade of Walnan (61) Blade of Walnan
20 Sword of Runes (26) Sword of Runes 1,2
10 Fist of Ixiblat (62) Hand of Ixiblat


  1. This weapon is usable by player characters, subject to some class or level restrictions.
  2. The proc on this weapon does damage to targets that are considered "summoned" creatures by the game. Unfortunately many creatures which should appear to be "summoned" are not flagged as such.