Progression Servers (Official)

Because of the popularity of "old school" Everquest, there have been various progression servers which try to emulate the early Everquest and add expansions over time. There are been multiple sets of rules for how these expansions are added.

As of July 2017 there are six Progression Servers: Agnarr, Phinigel, Lockjaw, Ragefire, Vulak'Aerr, and Fippy Darkpaw. Each server launched at a different time, has reached a different point in progression, and has a different set of rules. Additional information can be found in the official FAQ, What is a Progression Server.

Players must have All Access Membership to access Progression Servers.



  • start with all original zones, plus:
    • Paineel
    • The Hole
    • The Temple of Solusek Ro
  • "new" Kithicor Woods (high level undead at night)
  • As expansions unlock, new zones become available
  • Most of the dungeons can have multiple instances because of the number of people trying to use them. To change to another instance (to join your group members, for example) use the /pick command and choose the appropriate instance number. {Not all servers have instancing.]


  • all original classes
  • no Beastlord until Luclin
  • no Beserker until Gates of Discord


  • all original races
  • no Iksar until Ruins of Kunark
  • no Vah Shir until Luclin
  • no Froglok until Legacy of Ykesha
  • no Drakkin until The Serpents Spine

No Gnome Shadowknights, Gnome Paladins, Halfling Rangers, or Halfling Paladins until Luclin


  • "old" jewelcrafting
  • "old" poison making
  • "new" spell research (much of the old research components no longer available)
  • "old" cultural armor


  • most of the available spells should be available from merchants near class trainers in starting cities
  • a few of the spells common to more than one class can be found on a general spell merchant (e.g. gate, shielding spells, etc)
  • some spells (e.g. magician summoned item spells) will be sold at one of the great libraries in Erudin, Ak'Anon or Nerriak
  • some spells are only available through research or quests
  • Minor/Lesser Summoning pet spells sold by Elesseryl Terussar in Ocean of Tears
  • While you can still use words, pages, and runes to create practice runes to gain research skill, you must use the new system to make new spells.

Additional Details

  • in-game maps and zone guide work, atlas does not until (?)
  • zones have the same graphics/geometry as regular servers
  • no Veteran Rewards until Planes of Power
  • no Alternate Abilities (except Origin) at start
  • no Tutorial until Gates of Discord
  • experience gain down to about twice what it was at launch on most servers
  • the amount of experience you need to earn to gain a level will be the same as it is currently on regular servers
  • races and classes have same experience bonuses as regular servers
  • pet damage will be similar to regular servers once Shadows of Luclin unlocks
  • pets do not disappear when you zone or go invisible
  • no revamped "newbie" armor quests until Planes of Power
  • spell levels same as regular servers
  • no bandolier or potion belt until (?)
  • Soulbinders exist in the same places as the regular servers


On the voting type servers, before the server will progress to the next expansion, there will be a vote:

  • When raid targets are defeated, they will be broadcast across the server. When all of the raid targets in an expansion are defeated, a countdown begins.
    • For EverQuest, Kunark, Velious, Luclin, and Planes of Power, this countdown will be six months.
    • For Gates of Discord and all following expansions, this countdown will be three months.
  • Polls are scheduled to start at regular intervals (every two weeks?).
  • If the countdown timer ends with at least a full 168-hour week left before the current poll ends, the current poll will be activated. If there is less than a full week left in the current poll, the next one will be activated.
  • When a poll is active, you will go to a Priest of Discord and say 'vote.' If you're within 21 levels of the current level cap, you are allowed to vote.
  • When the poll ends, if more people voted 'yes' to the next expansion than 'no,' the next expansion will open and the cycle begins again.