Ruins of Kunark Spells

There are many spells that were not part of original EverQuest and thus not available at the start of the progression server. Below is a list of spells that are not in the original version of the servers. Following that is some information on where to obtain your spells.

Kunark Spells
Level Spell Name Source
7 Renew Elements vendor
18 Renew Summoning vendor
44 Modulating Rod vendor
45 Summon Orb (Magician Epic 1.0) quest
51 Gift of Xev drop
51 Malosi vendor
51 Scintillation quest
51 Vocarate Earth vendor
52 Bristlebane's Bundle drop
52 Char vendor
52 Phantom Armor vendor
52 Vocarate Fire quest
53 Annul Magic vendor
53 Boon of Immolation quest
53 Quiver of Marr drop
53 Vocarate Air quest
54 Bandoleer of Luclin drop
54 Scars of Sigil drop
54 Shield of the Magi vendor
54 Vocarate Water drop
55 Call of the Hero drop
55 Pouch of Quellious drop
55 Rage of Zomm drop
55 Sirocco vendor
56 Cadeau of Flame vendor
56 Dyzil's Deafening Decoy drop
56 Exile Summoned vendor
56 Muzzle of Mardu drop
57 Eye of Tallon drop
57 Greater Vocaration Earth vendor
57 Shock of Steel vendor
58 Greater Vocaration Fire drop
58 Malosini vendor, drop
58 Velocity drop
59 Greater Vocaration Air drop
59 Manastorm drop
59 Seeking Flame of Seukor vendor?
60 Aegis of Ro drop
60 Banishment drop
60 Greater Vocaration Water drop
60 Mala drop

Finding spells

  • The under level 50 spells are found in the three Great Libraries located in the cities of Ak'Anon, Erudin, and Nerriak.
  • The Summon Orb spell is the result of the Magician Epic 1.0.
  • A few of the spells are sold by Brackin Nartoise in Firiona Vie or Vizra L`Nizlon in The Overthere.
  • The Vocarate: Earth and Greater Vocaration: Earth pets spells are sold in either Firiona Vie or The Overthere.
  • The Vocarate: Fire and Vocarate: Air pet spells (as well as Scintillation and Boon of Immolation) are from the Ruins of Kunark Spells quest.
  • The rest of the spells are random drops off various monsters throughout Kunark, particularly dungeons such as Old Sebilis and higher level outdoor zones such as Skyfire Mountains.
  • Note that there are some more spells in the 1 to 60 level range that get added by later expansions.