Scars of Vellious Spells

The following is a list of spells that were added as part of the Scars of Vellious expansion. Following that is some information on where to obtain your spells.

Vellious Spells
Level Spell Name Source
27 Expedience vendor
30 Monster Summoning I vendor ?
31 Summon Shard of the Core drop
36 Summon Companion vendor
43 Elemental Maelstrom drop
50 Monster Summoning II drop ?
55 Burnout IV drop
55 Wrath of the Elements drop
59 Valiant Companion vendor ?
60 Monster Summoning III drop

Finding spells

  • Only a small number of spells are added with this expansion, and many of them are not available on vendors (at least until the Planes of Power expansion). Rushka Deklamoor in the Commonlands tunnel sells the spells Expedience and Summon Companion.
  • Burnout IV is undoubtedly the most important of the dropped spells. The other dropped spells are not critical with the Monster Summoning spells probably the least important.
  • Note that there are some more spells in the 1 to 60 level range that get added by later expansions.