Useful Commands

The following are some commands you may find useful either typed in chat or in macros.

/assist <name>

This command will set your current target to the target of your current target if no name is specified. It can be followed by the name of a player (or the first part of their name) and it will assist them instead. If you follow it with "main" it will instead assist the player that has had their role set to "main assist". It can be used in a macro, and it is a good idea to have one set up to make sure you attach the right target.

/outputfile <option> <filename.txt>

This command has several options and will create a text file with the specified name in your Everquest directory (uses a default name if not specified). Some useful options are:

inventory - Outputs a full list of all items in your inventory, including bags, as well as your bank. 

missingspells - Outputs a list of any spells you are missing up to your current level.

spellbook - Outputs a list of all your known spells.

/mark <number>

Can be used by the group leader or someone they have set the role for to mark a target with a number from 1 to 3. Can be used to mark the order you want the group to kill, for example.

/memspellset <name>

Loads the named spellset.


There are a number of useful pet commands which you can find here.

/savespellset <name>

Saves the current spellset with the specified name.