Anniversary Quests

Every year, in celebration of Everquest's Anniversary, there are a number of special quests which result in some unique, and often useful, items that are not otherwise available. A few of the more useful ones are listed here (see Allakhazan for a full list).

5th Anniversary (2004)

5th Anniversary Scavenger Hunt is a collection task in the old world zones that just results in some silly fireworks item.

6th Anniversary (2005)

6th Anniversary Scavenger Hunt is a collection task from the Kunark zones that results in a Ceremonial Elixir of Scholarship, a potion with 10 charges of Heightened Learning (double experience for 30 minutes). This can be completed once each year.

7th Anniversary (2006)

A set of 3 scavenger tasks in Vellious that each result in a silly item.

8th Anniversary (2007)

8th Anniversary Scavenger Hunt is a collection task in Luclin that results in a Lunar Familiar (a sporali familiar with an underwater breathing buff).

9th Anniversary (2008)

9th Anniversary Scavenger Hunt is a collection task in the Planes of Power zones that results in a Brick of Knowledge (port to Plane of Knowledge; 20-hour reuse timer).

10th Anniversary (2009)

Deity Favors is a set of 16 tasks that result in a Shiny New Collapsable Roboboar (mount). There are also some additional rewards from completing some of the sub-tasks. In particular is the task Memory In Crystal - Veeshan's Favor which will also reward you with a Cloth Cap with a click-effect to summon a swarm of five pets to assist you in combat.

11th Anniversary (2010)

This offers a Solo Task: Gifts of Steel (scales to level), a Group Mission: Stealing My Life Back and a Raid Expedition: Steel Behemoths with various rewards.

12th Anniversary (2011)

This offers a Solo Task: Hunt of the Shards, a Group Mission: Infiltrating the Guardian and a Raid: Parts is Parts which result in various augments. There is also a Raid: Maximum Capacity
Whirligig Flyer Control Device (mount).

13th Anniversary (2012)

A set of 14 different tasks with various rewards. One of the more notable ones is the task Rumor Has It which results in a Ring of the Ancients (a shrink "clickie" that can be used to shrink others). Completing all of the tasks results in the 13th Anniversary Tasks Achievement which results in a Satchel of the Superstitious, a 26-slot 100% weight reduction bag. There is an further raid task that when completed let's you choose between 1 of 2 augments, faction with various groups, experience, or one point of raid leadership AA.

14th Anniversary (2013)

Details to come. For now you may wish to see this news story.

In celebration of Everquest's sixth anniversary you should seek out Sarvil Amberstone in the Dreadlands, located near the wizard and druid portals, or Nilvara Rishal in Firiona Vie at 787.87, -1974.70, 143.10, just outside the elven faction outpost.