Bayle's Heraldic Crest

The Bayle's Heraldic Crest is nice augment that is the end result of 22 quests in the Oceangreen Theme.

Bayle's Heraldic Crest
Augmentation type: 7 8
AC: 32
CHA: +15+5 HP: +75 MANA: +75 ENDUR: +75
Clairvoyance: +5
Recommended level of 80. Required level of 70.
WT: 0.0 Size: TINY
Class: ALL
Race: ALL

The parts

There are 22 parts to collect, each from a different task given by different people in Oceangreen Hills and Oceangreen Village. They can be done in any order and most or all can be repeated for additional experience and faction. You can start combines anytime you have enough pieces if you have sufficient faction to buy the repair kit (see next section). Note that a lot of the items can be pre-looted.

1. Crest Left Upper Field Frame

Task: A Secret Hidden in Plain Sight
Tell Apothecary Cadmael in OceanGreen Village that you will "investigate.” Gather 7 scraps from humans and golems in the Temple of Bertoxxulous (they look like little torn pages). Return them to Cadmael and he will give you a Completed Cultist Cipher and Reconstructed Cultist Manual. The Cipher reads “Only through the proper application of CONTAGION can we spread the terrible glory of the Lord of Disease”.

The 3 kind of random manuals you get are encrypted:

  1. ”Ool tn avvbnm oeimph jcgu tcxwgf – vvrle ribqu Hux buwb bh rvlegas – fjoye ovmb gjs cttn nce vvr kezcfa qt gae Rwfq qt Cxszqzrpqr” = “May an unholy blight wash across these lands The boon of disease shall open the path for the return of the Lord of Pestilence”
  2. “Ys shur wie dcqbey ewgj hux brquuv – kr poxavvr hux Doasnus Yhrj ewgj – chk frmgu Czy aaot Prthbqxatchu – hux Utkzrcb Bge” = “We foul our bodies with the blight we worship the Disease Lord with our flesh All hail Bertoxxulous the Unclean One”
  3. ”Dsemodfiyqif ulkagru if pizp – qbtfhitowb Jg qnel axca vvr – Wiymofg Zbkd zw grpr n aexizq – qt qbvovs cgggblkvqr” = “Bertoxxulous blesses us with corruption We call upon the Disease Lord to send a herald of divine pestilence”

Head back into the Temple and clear out the priests room north of the zone in. Say the decrypted phrases while standing in the center of the symbol on the floor at the base of the ramp. Kill the named undead, Vaxztn the Purifier, that spawns, then return to Cadmael.

2. Crest Left Upper Field Plate

Task: What Evil Lurks in the Heart of Gnolls?
Tell Fripp Darkpaw in the gnoll camp in OceanGreen Hills you will “get supplies.” Loot a Satchel of Darkpaw Supplies from Blackburrow Lurkers near the Blackburrow entrance and return it to Fripp. Everyone in your group MUST have this task in order for it to drop and it is a TEMPORARY item so be sure to hand it in before camping.

3. Crest Center Upper Field Frame

Task: Send the Message
Ask Fripp Darkpaw in OceanGreen Hills, “what message.” Find and kill any named gnoll and loot a Severed Gnoll Finger. Kill gnolls for the second step. Give the finger to Fripp.

4. Crest Center Upper Field Plate

Task: Run to Daylight
Tell Guard Ellery in Blackburrow (on the "elite ledge") that you will “help” him escape. Ellery begins walking to the exit. Say “stop” to make him stop. Keep him alive to the exit.

5. Crest Right Upper Field Frame

Task: Invading the Invaders
Tell Elder Mystic Foppye in the gnoll camp in OceanGreen Hills, “I will help.” Kill 20 “enraged” gnolls in Blackburrow, and loot 4 of the Wrext Mal Insignia. The insignia can be pre-looted.

6. Crest Right Upper Field Plate

Task: Summary Execution
Tell Bracka Darkpaw in the gnoll camp in OceanGreen Hills, “I will hunt.” Kill 15 twisted enraged gnolls and 5 Wrext Mal gnoll elites. Return to Bracka.

7. Crest Keep Wall Frame

Task: Does This Look Infected?
Talk to Tabron Caulria in the fort in OceanGreen Hills about the “plague.” He asks you to collect 5 Infected Animal Organs from any infected animal in OceanGreen Hills or OceanGreen Village and 1 Undamaged Animal Organ from a diseased creature’s corpse (these are like a container that you must target and "/open" to loot). They can be pre-looted.

8. Crest Keep Frame

Task: Salving Grace (Prerequisite: Does this look Infected?)
Talk to Tabron Caulria in OceanGreen Hills about the “plague.” He asks you to collect four (pre-lootable) items: a Blackened Deathcap mushroom (drop in OceanGreen Village or Hills, or as a ground spawn in OceanGreen Hills); a Snake Venom Gland (drop in OceanGreen Hills); a Fetid Flesh from zombies (drop in both zones); and a Reanimated Bone Dust from skeletons (drop in both zones). Combine them in the Tabron's Remedy Bag he gave you to create Tabron’s Remedy. Cast it on any infected animal in Oceangreen Hills (won't work in Oceangreen Village). Return to Tabron to finish the task. Task is repeatable, but has a lockout time. The Remedy has 10 charges and will let you kill infected creatures quickly so you may as well take advantage of it.

9. Crest Keep Tower Frame

Task: Test the Waters (Prerequisite: Salving Grace)
Talk to Tabron Caulria in OceanGreen Hills about the “plague.” He will send you to speak with Morris in OceanGreen Village. Say “Tabron sent me” and Morris will give you a 4 slot Tabron's Vial Pouch with 4 empty vials, each for a specific body of water. Visit each of the bodies of water and click the corresponding vial. The four are: the ocean near dock and the pond in Oceangreen Village, and the lake and pond in Oceangreen Hills. The last one is the trickiest, as the briars can see invisibility. If you are careful you can get in the middle of the pond to collect your sample. Also, you don't need to keep the pouch as you hand the individual filled vials to Tabron when done.

10. Crest Keep Tower Plate

Task: Plague from Above (Prerequisite: Test the Waters & No Cure for Death *)
Tell Archon Darianna Althus in OceanGreen Hills you are “willing to serve.” She asks you to destroy 3 zombie catapults (the ones near the fort). * You must have completed all three of Tabron Caulria's quests and both of Sergeant Bronal Cadran's quests before she'll speak to you.

11. Crest Keep Plate

Task: Thinning the Rank (Prerequisite: Plague from Above)
Ask Archon Darianna Althus in the fort in OceanGreen Hills for “other work.” She asks you to destroy 6 corpses infecting the fortress and 5 zombie bombardiers in Oceangreen Hills.

12. Crest Keep Wall Plate

Task: Follow your Nose
Talk to Jeneca Orlofen in the fort in OceanGreen Hills about “vengeance.” Kill Miglethorpe the Putremancer just south of the fort.

13. Crest Lower Left Field Plate

Task: Reduce the Risk
Ask Garvin Windrunner in the fort in OceanGreen Hills about his “test.” He asks you to kill 15 diseased (infected) animals in Oceangreen Hills.

14. Crest Lower Left Field Frame

Task: Names for the Faceless (Prerequisite: Reduce the Risk)
From Garvin Windrunner in OceanGreen Hills, say “work.” Deliver 10 Irregular's Signet Rings that drop from undead in the OceanGreen Hills and OceanGreen Village to Gavrin. They can be pre-looted.

15. Crest Upper Left Field Plate

Task: The Deathless (Prerequisites: Cure the Crud & Stop the Spreading & all three of Tabron's quests)
Tell Seradi Stormcall in the fort in OceanGreen Hills you will "do that.” Kill "a defiled ancient treant" that is a rare spawn in the glade around the pond. Kill the other diseased plants until it spawns.

16. Crest Upper Left Field Frame

Task: Poach the Poachers
Tell Kerrin the Unkept in OceanGreen Hills in the far north caverns, “I can do this.” Kill 4 poachers in Oceangreen Hills (usually found along the north-south road).

17. Crest Lower Right Field Frame

Task: Good Seeds
Tell Yvette Miller in OceanGreen Village that you will "find some” seeds. Bring her 5 Handful of Grain Seeds from any non-infected animal in the zone. They can be pre-looted.

18. Crest Lower Right Field Plate

Task: Arms of the Dead
Find Dan Hearthpride in OceanGreen Village, and say “bring you”. Bring him 10 Rusted Blade Fragments from any skeleton and putrid skeleton in the zone. They can be pre-looted.

19. Crest Upper Right Field Plate

Task: Man the Defenses
Talk to Sergeant Bronal Cadran in OceanGreen Hills in the camp south of the West Karana zone to see how you can be “useful.” Destroy the powerful undead magus, Magus Wentior, just south of the watchtower, over a small hill, surrounded by undead. He hits for about 1800 max, casts snare, and is immune to mez and stun. Return to the Sergeant when you are done.

20. Crest Upper Right Field Frame

Task: No Cure for Death (Prerequisite: Man the Defenses)
Talk to Sergeant Bronal Cadran again to see how else you can be “useful.” He now wants you to kill 15 cultists around the Temple of Bertoxxulous in Oceangreen Village.

21. Crest Lower Field Frame

Task: Stop the Spreading (Prerequisite: Cure the Crud)
Talk to Kerrin the Unkept in OceanGreen Hills about “shears.” Kill 10 Blackbriars, 10 Desicatted Treelings, and 5 Tottering Treants in the glade in Oceangreen Hills.

Before she will give you this task you must complete the Cure the Crud task which does not yield a part for the Crest: Tell Kerin you will give "aid" and he hands you a Stone Vial (a 4-slot container) to use to make a cure for the infected plants. Combine 4 foraged Maggots to make Mild Maggot Acid. Then combine the acid with an Oceangreen Wheatgrass and a Pinecone, also foraged, to make a Vial of Curative Elixir. Use the elixir on 6 of the sick plants (blackbriars, tottering treants, or desiccated treelings). The task updates once a treated plant falls below 50% health. The foraged items are all tradeable. They can be foraged in Oceangreen Hills, but Maggots are reported to be easier to forage in the Temple of Bertoxxulous. Maggots and Oceangreen Wheatgrass are both edible so be careful you don't accidentally eat them. Mild Maggot Acid is a temporary item that will disappear if you camp more than 30 minutes, so you might want to be sure you have all the foraged items before doing any combines.

22. Crest Lower Field Plate

Task: Paint Supplies
Tell Viktor Snowborn in OceanGreen Village that you "can get" them. Bring him 1 Fine Bear Skin (from any bear), 3 Wolf Whiskers (from any wolf), 4 Wild Blueberry Branch and 4 Wild Bloodberry Branch (from any rat). They can be pre-looted.

The combinations

To combine the items you need to purchase an Heraldic Crest Repair Kit, a 6 slot container, from Cirtan, Bayle`s Herald in Oceangreen Hill. You'll need indifferent faction with him, but you will probably have it by the time you finish these quests. You will need a new kit for each combine.

Combine pieces 1-6 in a kit to create Crest Upper Field.
Combine pieces 7-12 in a kit to create Heraldic Keep.
Combine pieces 13-16 in a kit to create Crest Left Field.
Combine pieces 17-20 in a kit to create Crest Right Field.
Combine pieces 21-22 in a kit to create Crest Lower Field.

Next, purchase an Empty Heraldic Crest Frame, a 5 slot container you also buy from Cirtan. Combine the five previous results together to get your Bayle's Heraldic Crest.

The Bayle's Heraldic Crest augment is the end result of 22 quests in the Oceangreen Theme. This checklist can be used to track your progress.