Dragons of Norrath Progression

The Dragons of Norrath expansion has a nice progression of quests with a set of rewards that remain worthwhile even after several newer expansions because of the rewards: a total of 8 AA points and 5 new AA's that raise your stats, combat abilities, a level 69 spell-song-tome, and titles.

The Rewards

Tier 1: Gift of the Keepers or Gift of the Dark Reign

  • 2 AA points
  • a new AA: +10 to all stats, +10 to all stat caps

Tier 2: Valor of the Keepers or Tenacity of the Dark Reign

  • 2 AA points
  • a new AA: 3% increase to HP, 200 increase to Mana, unknown increase to Endurance
  • the new level 69 spell for your class

Tier 3: Embrace of the Keepers or Embrace of the Dark Reign

  • 2 AA points
  • a new AA: an extra buff slot

Tier 4: Power of the Keepers or Power of the Dark Reign

  • 2 AA points
  • a new AA: increase chance to critical heal, critical hit, critical DD / DoT by 3%

Tier 5: Sanctity of the Keepers or Ferver of the Dark Reign

  • a new AA: increase chance to resist a detrimental spell


There are two opposing factions vying for your assistance. The Keepers of Norrath are the "good" side while the Dark Reign is the "evil" side. It makes no real difference which side you choose and doesn't matter whether you are a good or evil race (except possibly the initial faction with the side you choose). Completing quests for one side will raise your faction with that side and lower it with the other. Since some of the tasks are group and raid tasks you should probably choose the same side as your friends and guildmates.

The progression is basically the same for both sides, and the rewards are exactly the same except for their name. So it really doesn't matter which side you choose as long as you stick to the same side. Theoretically you could switch sides and restore your faction with the other side, but there is no advantage to doing so.

Beginning Faction

Before you can start working on the actual progression quests, you must first raise you faction with one of the sides to indifferent. In Lavastorm Mountains on the edge of the volcano near Nagafen's lair is a small Wayfarer camp (but no Magus). Wayfarer Mercenaries Elanye and Bitral give solo quests for Keepers of Norrath (good) while Wayfarer Mercenaries Varein and Jeryx give solo quests for Dark Reign (evil). Each time you complete one of these quests you will receive a faction token which you turn in to Wayfarer Mercernary Youra (good) or Wayfarer Mercernary Limann (evil). You can also get a token by helping someone else with one of the group or raid missions but you won't be able to get any of those yourself until you are at least indifferent. You can even help with a mission for the other side but don't turn in the token as you will get the wrong faction changes.

The number of takens it will take to get to indifferent depends on your race, diety and class, and on which side you choose. The tokens are lore so be sure to hand one in before completing another quest or you won't get another token. Because Lavaspinner's Lair is the closest zone to the camp you may want to choose tasks there whenever possible. If you are doing quests with a friend you will each have to get your own task so you should try to get quests in the same zone.

Once you have reached indifferent you will no longer be able to get these solo quests and are ready to start with the Tier 1 quests. There are a set of caves to the far north with seperate camps for each side. Keepers of Norrath are in the western half and Dark Reign are in the eastern half. Either use the corresponding cave entrance for the side you chose or be sure to make yourself invisible before going in the opposing side's entrance so you don't get killed. You can also gain some faction by killing the opposing side's guards, but they are slow to respawn so you can't gain faction very quickly this way.

The Progression Quest Tiers

There are five tiers which must be completed in order to obtain credit for completing them. At any time you can assist others with any quest, and for group and raid missions you will receive a faction token upon completion. Raid missions require at least 6 people in a raid. You will not get credit for completing any tasks out of order, however.