Epic Quests

Epic quests were first introduced with the Ruins of Kunark expansion when characters had a maximum level of 50. The Magician Epic 1.0 resulted in a nice weapon and a pet that combined the four elements into a very powerful pet. Now with higher levels and superior pets and gear the epic 1.0 is no longer of much use even though it is still one of the harder epic 1.0 quests to complete. The introduction of the epic 1.5 and 2.0 was designed to provide a useful reward and one that is still useful for all but the "uber" raid-gear equipped character.

The Magician Epic: Orb of Mastery results in a new spell, Summon: Orb of Mastery, which allows one to summon their epic weapon. While this is a nice weapon for the magician to carry, it also has the ability to summon a pet that combines the four elements to create a very powerful companion.

The Magician Epic 1.5: Staff of Elemental Essence quest is for magicians who have completed the Magician Epic 1.0: Orb of Mastery quest. For those that have not completed the 1.0 quest there is this pre-quest which will flag you appropriately and allow you to start the 1.5 quest.

If you have completed Magician Epic 1.0: Orb of Mastery or have done the Magician Epic 1.5 Pre-Quest, you may start your Epic 1.5 quest for the Staff of Elemental Essence.

After you have completed Magician Epic 1.5: Staff of Elemental Essence, you can start Epic 2.0. Minimum level for Epic 2.0 is around level 69 because of Riftseekers' Sanctum.