Magician Epic 1.5 Checklist

This checklist may be helpful in tracking your progress on the Magician Epic 1.5

Items in italics can be pre-looted.

[ ] Talk to Bantil Io'Tuv to get Tattered Note
[ ] Loot Journal of Magus Tvish from Danvi's Corpse in Akheva
[ ] Give Journal to Bantil Io'Tuv

[ ] Obtain Tome of Primal Fires from Lost Tomekeeper
[ ] Give Tome to Bantil Io'Tuv

[ ] Find Book of Bindings and Incantations in Howling Stones
[ ] Loot Codex of Ice and Ether from Grigor Rojha in The Deep
[ ] Give Book and Codex to Bantil Io'Tuv

[ ] Talk to Jahsohn Aksot in Commonlands
[ ] Talk to Walnan in Butcherblock Mountains
[ ] Loot Sentience of Elements from Akksstaff's Minion in Najena
[ ] Give Sentience of Elements to Bantil Io'Tuv

The four Essences can be completed in any order

[ ] Talk to Sarhya the Dawnbreeze
[ ] Defeat Elemental Essence of Air, loot Elemental Essence of Air

[ ] Talk to Taq`aal Emeraldshard
[ ] Defeat Elemental Essence of Earth, loot Elemental Essence of Earth

[ ] Talk to Miak the Searedsoul
[ ] Get Note from Gnaap Guinders in Plane of Tactics
[ ] Loot Diaku War Maul from Plane of Tactics
[ ] Give Note & War Maul to Bor Warhammer to get Reinforced Flask
[ ] Loot Hydrolyzed Ether from frogs in Plane of Storms
[ ] Loot Metallic Liquid from crystalline creatures in Plane of Valor
[ ] Loot Heavy Water from turtles in Ferubi
[ ] Create Corrosive Solution
[ ] Give Corrosive Solution to Gnaap Guinders.
[ ] Defeat Elemental Essence of Fire, loot Elemental Essence of Fire

[ ] Talk to Jurmak the Undertow
[ ] Talk to High Priest Margle in Cobalt Scar
[ ] Loot 4 Ice Burrower Meats from Western Wastes
[ ] Give Meats to High Priest Margle
[ ] Defeat Tiknonmanin, loot Elemental Essence of Water

Give the four Elemental Essences to Bantil Io`Tuv and you receive Staff of Elemental Essence. Congratulations!