Old Spell Quests

Because all of these older spells can now be purchased from vendors in the Plane of Knowledge library the following spell quests are no longer necessary on the regular servers (but may still be useful on the progression servers).

Ruins of Kunark Spells

In Kunark there are two quests for magicians to trade some of their level 50-60 spells - one for good characters and one for evil characters. In return they will randomly receive one of the following spells: Boon of Immolation, Scintillation, Vocarate Air, or Vocarate Fire.

Vera in the Gulf of Gunthak has a couple of quests for you and will reward you with the level 44 spell Primal Remedy and the level 52 spell Elemental Empathy.

Planes of Power Spells

Elementalist Somat, on the second floor of the Library in the Plane of Knowledge will give you magician spell scrolls in exchange for Ethereal Parchments, Spectral Parchments, and Glyphed Runed Words. Ethereal Parchments result in a random level 61 or 62 spell; Spectral Parchments in a random level 63 or 64 spell, and Glyphed Rune Words in a random level 65 spell.

Reyfin Malakwa on the ship in Abysmal Sea is looking for some Taelosian Geomancy Stones and will give you some level 65 spells in return (part of the Gates of Discord expansion). You will find him on the deck on the middle of the western side of the ship. The spells are Elemental Siphon, Monster Summoning IV, and Rock of Taelosia.

The Chalice of Life

Lilthill`yan`s Ghost in the Ruins of Takish-Hiz needs you to reassemble the Chalice of Life, and as a reward you will learn the level 55 pet aura, Earthen Strength.

Omens of War Spells

Karsor the Mad in Dranik's Scar (loc -1660, -35 in the southeast corner) is looking for various muramite runes and will give you your level 66-70 spells in return.

Brother Hidden Path in Undershore (-890, +725) will give you some of your level 60-70 spells in exchange for Shadowspine Runes.

Minor Shadowspine Rune (66)