The Serpent's Spine Spells

Most of the spells in The Serpent's Spine have three ranks with higher ranks being improved versions of the lower ranks. Rank I spells are bought from a vendor. Rank II and III and "rankless" spells are drops.

Rank I spells magicians buy from from Pesha of the Mist in Sunderock Springs (loc +1615, -1065). She is in the northern part near the air elementals at the top of the ramp. (Other classes have their own vendors.)

The Magician summon spells are dropped by random mobs and are tradeable.

Rank II spells are dropped randomly throughout upper level zones (Ashengate, Frostcrypt, Direwind Cliffs, Valdeholm, Icefall Glacier, The Steppes and Sunderock), and are tradeable.

Rank III spells are obtained by looting Glowing Obsidian Runes (NODROP) from various raid encounters in Ashengate, Frostcrypt, the mines of Vergalid, and Valdeholm, which you then hand to Kalim'Kar the Gold in Ashengate just to the right of the door. Here are the spells and their order for magicians:

  1. Malosinise Rk. III
  2. Magmaskin Rk. III
  3. Bolt of Molten Slag Rk. III
  4. Shock of Silvered Steel Rk. III
  5. Scorching Skin Rk. III
  6. Granite Stance Rk. III
  7. Scalding Sands Rk. III
  8. Renewal of Aenda Rk. III
  9. Summon Wintry Paradox Rk. III
  10. Aegis of Calliav Rk. III
  11. Circle of Magmaskin Rk. III
  12. Fickle Inferno Rk. III
  13. Blazing Stance Rk. III