Underfoot Rank II Spells

Rank II spells in Underfoot are obtained through Trade-In gems (Trade-In Gem: Spellname Rk. II) which drop in various places throughout the expansion. For magicians the spells are Arcane Distillect Rk. II, Chaotic Boon Rk. II, Surge of Thaumacretion Rk. II, and Thaumatize Pet Rk. II.

Holdegar Bairdun is a dwarf found in Brell's Rest just east of the zone-in from the Hole (or Guild Hall portal). Upon handing him a gem he will return the corresponding spell scroll. The gems are tradable but the spell scrolls are not (perhaps to prevent someone without the expansion from learning the spells).

The following table lists some known places to find the trade-in gems.

Arcane Distillect Rk. II
Fungal Forest (cliknar nigrisca, gigyn shielder, ground snake, large frog, large widow, moss snake, vigorous moss)

Chaotic Boon Rk. II
Brell's Rest (burynai, gnoll brawler, kobolds, lavakin, a nestling, a spinebloom, steam elemental, an unyielding gnoll reaver, Ripskin)

Surge of Thaumacretion Rk. II
Brell's Temple (coldain diviner, fledgling gigyn, grinning arcanist, howling construct, prismatic telmiran, telmiran convoker, telmiran custodian, telmiran enthraller)

Thaumatize Pet Rk. II
Pellucid Grotto (cliknar centurion, crystalline hulk, crystalline sphere, crystalline trichordont, lava elemental, sessiloid,Adherent lord)