Veil of Alaris Spells

The Rank I Veil of Alaris spells can be purchased from Matima in Argath at the top level.

Rank II and III spells are obtained by giving Alaran Cantrips and Alaran Periapts to The Sklyg in Beasts' Domain (just outside Argath, within the confines of the gates). The turn-in is handled as a quest you request, then upon handing him the appropriate Cantrip or Periapt you can choose one of your spells as a reward. Only those spells you haven't already scribed into your spellbook will be shown, and in some cases the reward is two spells, as shown. You also have the option to have the Cantrip or Periapt returned, or downgraded to the next lower level one.

Alaran Cantrips are dropped by various creatures in the Veil of Alaris zones and are tradeable:

Alaran Periapts are found in raid chests and are not tradeable: