Hides are used to make spells up to level 49.

Before one can inscribe the spell, the raw hide must first be prepared by using the appropriate cleaners and solutions. Each type of raw hide is prepared in different ways in a Spell Research Kit. Some hides require the use of a Skinning Knife to properly prepare the hide. (A Skinning Knife is created with the smithing skill.)

Here is a list of the raw hides and the magician spells they make.

1-4 Raw Stiff Hide

5-9 Raw Crude Hide

10-14 Raw Rough Hide

15-19 Raw Hide

20-24 Raw Fine Hide

25-29 Raw Supple Hide

30-34 Raw Runic Hide

35-39 Raw Fine Runic Hide

40-44 Raw Supple Runic Hide

45-49 Raw Fine Supple Runic Hide