Papers are used to create spells level 71 to 80, including many Rank II spells.

Papers must be cleaned and prepared before they can be inscribed.

Here is a list of the papers that drop off various creatures. To help you decide if the ones you find are useful, there is a list after each one of the magician spells they make.

71 Smudged Rough Paper

  • Bolt of Molten Slag Rk. II
  • Burnout VI Rk. II
  • Magmaskin Rk. II
  • Malosinise Rk. II
  • Prime Shielding Rk. II
  • Summon Aenda's Trinkets
  • Summon Muzzle of Mowcha
  • Summon Plate of the Elements

72 Sooty Paper

  • Beam of Molten Slag Rk II
  • Phantasmal Warden Rk II
  • Rain of Molten Slag Rk II
  • Shock of Silvered Steel Rk II

73 Sooty Fine Paper

  • Annihilate the Unnatural Rk. II
  • Granite Stance Rk. II
  • Renewal of Aenda Rk. II
  • Summon Elemental Armaments

74 Smudged Runic Paper

  • Aegis of Calliav Rk II
  • Circle of Magmaskin Rk II
  • Iceflame Body Rk II
  • Rain of Thunderbolts Rk II
  • Summon Wintry Paradox Rk II

75 Stained Fine Runic Paper

  • Blazing Stance Rk II
  • Elemental Symbiosis Rk II
  • Fickle Inferno Rk II
  • Focus Runed Spellcaster's Essence (80)
  • Rampaging Servant Rk II