Parchments and Vellums

Parchments and Vellums are used to make spells level 61-70.

They must be cleaned and prepared before they can be inscribed.

Here is a list of the parchments that drop off various creatures.  To help you decide if the ones you find are useful, there is a list after each one with the magician spells they make.

61 Used Parchment

62 Grubby Fine Parchment

63 Shabby Vellum Parchment

64 Grimy Fine Vellum Parchment

  • Destroy Summoned
  • Focus Mass Intricate Spellcaster's Essence (69)
  • Girdle of Magi'Kot
  • Maelstrom of Thunder
  • Planar Renewal
  • Protection of Calliav (Mage)
  • Shield of Maelin

65 Smudged Runic Parchment

66 Grimy Fine Runic Parchment

  • Bolt of Jerikor
  • Child of Wind
  • Elemental Aura
  • Fireskin
  • Summon Calliav's Glowing Bauble
  • Summon Calliav's Jeweled Bracelet
  • Summon Calliav's Platinum Choker
  • Summon Calliav's Runed Mantle
  • Summon Calliav's Spiked Ring
  • Summon Calliav's Steel Bracelet
  • Summon Fireblade

67 Dirty Vellum

  • Child of Water
  • Rain of Jerikor
  • Summon Crystal Belt
  • Summon Dagger of the Deep
  • Summon Sphere of Air
  • Summon Staff of the North Wind

68 Grubby Fine Vellum

  • Blade Strike
  • Burning Aura
  • Child of Fire
  • Phantom Shield
  • Pyrilen Skin
  • Summon Pouch of Jerikor

69 Shabby Runic Vellum

  • Bulwark of Calliav (Mage)
  • Burning Earth
  • Desolate Summoned (Mage)
  • Elemental Fury
  • Fickle Fire
  • Focus Mass Elaborate Spellcaster's Essence (74)
  • Renewal of Jerikor
  • Summon: Molten Orb

70 Sooty Fine Runic Vellum