Spell Research

Spell research is much simpler these days with the discovery of modern recipes to make spells. If you don't wish to learn to do research yourself you can generally find someone who will make the spell for you if you have the hide, scroll, papyrus or parchment needed to make the spell and you provide or pay for the vendor-bought components (the solutions can be fairly expensive). Keep in mind that enchanters, necromancers and wizards can also make magician spells.

Crafting a spell first requires you to prepare some Writing Material from a hide, scroll, papyrus, parchment, etc. The spell is then inscribed upon this prepared writing material using various inks and thickeners. The resulting spell scroll depends upon the exact recipe of ingredients. Not all spells have recipes, although in the future it may be possible that new recipes will become available. These ingredients are combined in a Spell Research Kit.

Learning Research

Learning and raising your skill will take dedication and a large investment in time and money, just like all tradeskills. It is suggested that you start out doing the beginner research tradeskill quest which will take you up to level 54 skill using free components supplied by Researcher Akila in Cresent Reach.

Once your skill is 50 or higher you can get the Spell Research Trophy quest from Event Coordinator Baublie Diggs outside the walls of Freeport. There are trophy quests for each of the various tradeskills, and each trophy gives a bonus when equipped for their corresponding tradeskill. Trophies evolve as you successfully create things with their tradeskill, in increments of 50 levels. In addition to the skill bonus the trophy will also let you summon temporary weight reduction bags (turn one into Jolum in The Bazaar to get a permanant version).

Binding Powders are used to make Enchanted Spell Scrolls, and these can be an effective way to practice and raise your research skill. Creating the old Legacy of Ykesha Swatches is another effective way to raise your research skill. You can also prepare hides and other writing materials to skill up. It is much cheaper to raise your skill with these methods than by making spells, which is rather expensive.

[If you are playing on a progression server server then many of these methods may not yet be available to you. You should at least be able to prepare hide Writing Materials to skill up though.]