Writing Materials

Spell research is much simpler these days with the discovery of modern recipes to make spells. If you don't wish to learn to do research yourself you can generally find someone who will make the spell for you if you have the hide, scroll, papyrus or parchment needed to make the spell and you provide or pay for the vendor-bought components (the solutions can be fairly expensive). Keep in mind that enchanters, necromancers and wizards can also make magician spells.

Here is a list of the hides, spell scrolls, papyrus, parchments, vellums, and papers that drop off various creatures. (They cannot normally be bought from vendors unless someone sold them to the vendor). To help you decide if the ones you find are useful, after each one there is a list of the magician spells they make. Magicians can also make spells for other classes, and if you would like more information on spell research, or any other tradeskill, the most definative source would be www.eqtraders.com. The level(s) of the component matches the level of the spell or the lowest level of the spell when multiple classes get the same recipe (e.g. Malosini).

Note: If you see spell recipes which call for "Words of ..." and other items that do not include the hides, scrolls, etc. listed below then note that they are the old style recipes that no longer work. The recipes that make swatches for tailoring can still be used to skill up your research skill however.

Ability Description

Hides are used to make spells up to level 49.

Spell Scrolls and Papyrus

Spell scrolls and papyrus which are used to make spells level 50-60.

Parchments and Vellums

Parchments and Vellums are used to make spells level 61-70.


Papers are used to create spells level 71 to 80, including many Rank II spells.

Charta Arcana

Charta Arcana are used to create spells level 76 to 80 including many Rank II spells.